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Translator's name:Ana Tavares
Lanaguage pair:Portuguese to English translator
Country of residence:Portugal
Activity:Acitive since 2023
Membership status:Basic member

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Home Portugal
Telephone number (00351) 916951431 or 212107277 (also fax)
E-mail address

Date of birth May 1968
Marital status Married
Driver’s licence Yes
Nationality South African and Portuguese
Fully Bilingual English and Portuguese
Other languages Afrikaans and French
Health Excellent

Higher education The University of South Africa - International Politics (bachelor of arts degree).
Universidade Aberta
History, English and Portuguese (major)
The University of Cambridge
The Royal Society of Arts (CELTA - qualified EFL teacher’s Certificate).
Supreme Court of South Africa
Sworn Translator and Interpreter’s Certificate Portuguese / English and English / Portuguese and Commissioner of Oaths.
Additional qualifications IEFP
Certificate of ‘ Formação de formadores.’ I am a member of IEFP’s group of Portuguese official trainers (Professional and Vocational training).
Accreditation of the Portuguese Education Department to teach at the Portuguese State schools.

Translations Did official translations for The Bank of Lisbon and South Africa (part-time) while at university.
I often translated speeches and other confidential documents for Chevron managers in Angola.
I work as a freelancer and translate many documents for entities and corporations as well as Dowe Jones reports.
I do and have done translations for Lisnave, EDP, Notaries, Courts, Medical doctors, Law firms, Students’ thesis and translate documents for private clients. I certify translations and documents because I am a Sworn Translator and a Commissioner of Oaths.
Secretarial and Public Relations work Wrote all documents, contracts and proposals for Triple M and G interiors part-time and did translations. Attended meetings and negotiations as the company’s PRO.
Teaching Experienced English as a Foreign Language Teacher and Training Manager. Familiar with modern learning technologies and approaches. Vast experience in language testing, teaching all age groups also Business and Professional English. E-teaching experience.
Started and implemented the English language department at one of Weltsprachen’s new language schools in Beja, Portugal. (for two years).
Worked as an EFL full-time teacher at Communicate Language Institute in Lisbon teaching all levels and groups and preparing students for all English language exams. (for one year).
Started and implemented the English language department at Centro de Estudos de Linguas e Formação do Fogueteiro (for six years). I taught all levels and all age groups. Prepared students for International language exams FCE; CAE; CPE; BEC; IELTS; GMAT and more. I also did one on one business classes and was head of department.
Worked for Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Teaching Chevron employees and top managers Portuguese as a foreign language and running the Portuguese department. This was a rotational job twenty-eight days in Angola and twenty-eight days off.
I was one of the two founders of the Cabgoc Higher Education distance learning program, for two years I was the Employee Development Assistant - Long Distance training coordinator. (I worked in Angola for five years).
Teaching part-time Indelma (Siemens) factory – (taught managers Business English part-time).
Emptel factory (taught managers Business English part-time).
Lisnave – Gaslimpo (taught Business English at Portugal’s biggest shipyard part-time)
Lisnave – Taught foreign managers Portuguese as a foreign language
Hospital de S. José Lisbon – Teaching nursing staff Nursing English, part-time.
Pultest – Taught Dra. Conceição Gomes Medical English and helped preparing for Congresses.
Safetykleen – teaching Business English (have been doing this for 18 years).

Freelance jobs
(up to date) Teaching edp (the Portuguese electricity company) managers, administrators and personnel Business English part-time at their offices in Lisbon. I started working for edp during my time off when I was in Angola, (20 years teaching at edp).

Transcriber and translator for university Professors, Masters and PHD students, law firms and (medical) doctors. Talk show transcription for a local newspaper, court documents and cases and many different certificates and documents for private clients.

Online language classes Teaching private students English and Portuguese as a foreign language online since 2010.
I taught Chevron staff in the USA Portuguese online via Google Hangouts for SLF and EFL students in Portugal.
(Head Translator)
I currently work part-time for Clifts Lda as Director of Translation Services. I translate all documents and sites for clients from English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English.
Coaching and Workshops Ordem dos Farmaceuticos (Pharmacists Association) Workshops– Communicating with foreign customers. I travel abroad to do workshops.
Computers – I am computer literate. I attended in-company training sessions (word, excel, outlook, powerpoint) at CABGOC, Angola.
Attended a multimedia Portuguese language online teaching seminar at the Portuguese Open University from the 10th to the 12th January 2000.
COMPETENCIES Great written and oral communication skills.
Ability to work with a diverse workforce.
High integrity, strong "team" oriented manager.
Ability to identify employees' strengths; embrace and empower them. Ethical, flexible, reliable, honest, passionate, and energetic. Well-organized and disciplined with the ability to perform successfully under pressure.
Problem-solving and administrative skills.
Record keeping abilities.
Reading, writing, cooking, cake decorating, swimming, traveling, arts and crafts.
References Provided upon request

Currently available To take on a new challenge. Available to travel and work as a Training Director/Manager or Coordinator, Translation, Department Director/Manager or Coordinator, Translator, English or/and Portuguese language trainer or as a speaker for workshops or to work as a Transcriber. Available to do rotational jobs 14/14 or 28/28 or 35/35.

Technical equipment • High-speed Internet access
• PC or laptop with Windows 7
• Land-line or cable telephone
• Quiet, dedicated workspace
• Computer headset
• A good webcam