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Translator's name:Vijay Dutt Tiwari
Lanaguage pair:English to Hindi translator
Country of residence:India
Activity:Acitive since 2023
Membership status:Basic member

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Personal Details
Full legal name Vijay Dutt Tiwari
Native language Hindi
Country and States/territories of domicile before the age of 18 India, Uttar Pradesh
Current country and States/territories of domicile India, Uttar Pradesh
Nationality Indian
Contact telephone number +919389971584
Whatsapp Number +919389971584
Email address

Skype cid.978acb32e3482ba9
Degree and major MA in Philosophy
Current primary occupation Teaching
Per word rate for book translation?
Per word rate for book reviewing? For Translation: Re 2.00/word OR $ 0.03/₤ 0.04 per word
For reviewing: Re 1.50/word OR $ 0.02/₤ 0.02 per word
Rate for translation
Rate for Translation Rs 2.50/. Per word ($0.05 per word or ₤ 0.05 per word)
Rs 550/- Per Hour ($15 per hour or ₤ 15 per hour)
Rate for subtitle/caption translation Rs. 80/- or $ 1.00 per minute/ ₤ 1.00 per minute
PDF conversion and Data entry work Rate as per the task.
How many years of part-time translation experience? (E.g. From 2000-2008) 2010 onwards
CAT Tools Smartcat, Matecat
What is the field of translation you are most adept with? Related to mythology, philosophy, politics, religion (Especially Hindu), History, Basic science, General news and articles, Computer games and literature related to computer learning, medical, nursing, etc, Movie/serial dialogue subtitle translation.
Do you have any experience in reviewing and proofreading? If so, please describe it briefly. How many years? Yes. Proofreading General documents and the documents related to above mentioned subjects.
1 year experience.
Are you willing to do reviewing and proofreading tasks if we give you the assignment? Yes, proofreading.
Font used for Hindi teaxt Mangal (Unicode)
Total word translated so far 3,75,000 (aprox.)
Name of companies currently I am working with InterPreter Incorporation, Bengaluru; Word Publishing, Mumbai; Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.; Anan Enterprises, Sonipat, Haryana, Parikh Infosolutions, Mumbai; etc.
Membership of Professional websites;;;

I can devote 5-6 hours for translation work on weekdays and 8-10 hours on weekends. My daily output is around 2000-3000 words depending on the text matter.