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Translator's name:alison
Lanaguage pair:Chinese to Danish translator
Country of residence:China
Activity:Acitive since 2023
Membership status:Basic member

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个人信息(Personal Info)
Tel. : Age : 31
E-mail First Language : Chinese mandarin
➢ Career background:
Several years of language teaching and translation experience; 4 years of overseas management
experience;4 years of marketing & PR and customer service experience.
➢ Professional quality:
✓ 12 years of residence in Denmark. Rich knowledge of both the Chinese and Nordic market
and culture. Well connected.
✓ Great market sensitivity and insight. Competence in business strategy development, business
model innovation, business channel development and customer relationship management.
✓ Experienced in arranging international academic exchange activities.
✓ A good foundation of social psychology. Good at communication.
✓ Excellent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese, English and Danish.
✓ Experienced translator. Have experience in translating within various fields, such as commerce,
law, entertainment, medicine, etc.
✓ Good at text processing. Blind typing.
✓ Deep interest in language and culture. Years of research and study in cultural differences
between the East and the West. Participation in the writing of the literature < An East-West
Teaching/Learning Bridge >.
✓ A deep social media user. (eg. WeChat, TikTok, MicroBlog, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram)
✓ Well experienced in health management. Fair knowledge of the health industry and related
consumer goods.
✓ Certificate in Nursing, First Aid and Fire Safety (Danish).
✓ Multitasking
➢ Team working:
A passionate team player and team leader. Great ability of cross departmental cooperation and
➢ Personal quality:
✓ A fast learner with great adaptability
✓ Efficiency and execution oriented
✓ Creative and open-minded
✓ Social and outgoing
✓ Ambitious
✓ Responsible
Alison guo
➢ Certificates and honors:
✓ Full scholarship (issued by the Danish government)
✓ Best student of the Strategy stream
✓ Certificate in Nursing, First Aid and Fire Safety (Danish)
✓ IELTS 7.5
✓ PD3 (Danish Level 3 - the highest level)