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Translator's name:LILIA PIERDANT
Lanaguage pair:English to Spanish translator
Country of residence:Mexico
Activity:Acitive since 2022
Membership status:Basic member

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Diploma in Interpretation-Translation (English, French (basic), Italian (basic))

Complemented with additional courses, workshops, and seminars in Translation, Adaptation of Dialogues for Dubbing, Professional Writing, Translation Teaching, Academic Research, Human Development, Leadership, Sales, and Computer Skills.


1988 to Date
Freelance Interpreter Translator (English-Spanish)
Certified Translator by the Supreme Court of Justice of the State of Sonora since 2010.
Registered in the List of Translators at the US Consulate in Hermosillo, Sonora since 2000.

- Freelance Translator for various translation agencies (Topics: legal, financial, clean energies and oil, corporate, environmental, marketing, social media) 2016.
- Interpreter for the Sonora and Arizona Governors during the Arizona-Sonora Commission Plenary Sessions held in Sonora since 1997.
- Interpreter for the Sonora and New Mexico Governors during the Sonora-New Mexico Commission Plenary Sessions held in Sonora since 2010.
- Interpreter and Tourist Guide for low-income elementary school students sponsored by the GANFER Foundation to visit California Theme Parks and Attractions 2008-2014.
- Interpreter in a number of events organized by the different Government Agencies of the State of Sonora since 1994. (Topics: Medicine, Education, Sports, Entrepreneurship, Commerce, Human Development, Violence, Security, IT, etc.)
- Interpreter of conferences during the International Mining Seminar held in Hermosillo in 2012 and 2014 and for the 8 editions of Discoveries Mining Conference since 2016.
- Interpreter in morning TV News Programs and TV Entertaining programs; translator of over 350 movies for subtitling for Imevision (TV Station in Mexico City, currently TV Azteca) 1987-1992
- Freelance-certified legal translations for Law Firms, Notary Publics, Private and Public Companies, and Individuals in Hermosillo. (Contracts, Agreements, Acts of Incorporation, Trusts, Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates, Academic and official documents, etc.) 1992-to Date
- Translator of technical texts for the mining industry (Geological, Geophysical, Metallurgical, Environmental, Sustainability Reports)
- Translator of websites and marketing materials and brochures for the use of green energies, crisis management, defensive driving, drones and unmanned vehicles, and mining equipment.
- Translator and voice recording of videos for marketing and sales.
- Translator of technical textbooks in Medicine and Nursing for Harla Publishing in Mexico City 1987-1989