Freelance translator profile for Ben van Son

Translator's name:Ben van Son
Lanaguage pair:English to Dutch translator
Country of residence:Netherlands
Activity:Acitive since 2022
Membership status:Basic member

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Freelance translator looking to provide clear communication through accurate translations. My native language is Dutch, and my specialties are MTPE and translation. However, I also provide services in transcription, subtitling, and proofreading. I work with the following language pairs:
● English to Dutch;
● Dutch to English;
● Spanish to Dutch.
My areas of expertise are General, E-commerce, Legal, Economics and Finance, User Manuals, Films and Series, and Sports. However, I am confident I can provide accurate translations in any area.

Professional Experience

Over the past 2 years, I have worked on the following projects:

Amazon MTPE at Wordsonline
Language pair: English to Dutch
The project consisted of advertisements which needed post-editing after being machine translated. The topics of the advertisements varied wildly, but included E-commerce, Literature, Construction, Toys, and more.

Pre-editing transcriptions at SPOTL
Language: English
The project required pre-editing of machine transcriptions of videos, before they were put through machine translation. The topics of the videos were diverse, but included Economics and Finance, Sports, News, and more.

Subtitling/MTPE at Amberscript
Language pair: Dutch to English
The project required post-editing of subtitles after they were machine translated. This included time-stamping etc. The videos were mostly series and documentaries on varying topics.

Transcription editing at Neevo
Language: Dutch
The project required post-editing of machine transcriptions of audio. The topics of the audios were mostly General topics.

● Translation: 0.05€ - 0.10€ per source word;
● MTPE and Proofreading: 0.025€ – 0.06€ per source word;
● Transcription: 3€ - 6€ per audio minute;
● Subtitling: 5€ - 10€ per video minute.
Rates vary depending on nature of text, volume, project duration etc.