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Translator's name:Faig Mamedov
Lanaguage pair:Azerbaijani to English translator
Country of residence:Azerbaijan
Activity:Acitive since 2022
Membership status:Basic member

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Translator, Writer, Teacher, Lecturer, Psychologist

Personal Details:

Name: Faig Mamedov
Date of birth: 28 October 1973
Date of death: Pending
Marital status: Married
Postal address: flat 14, building 1, block 44, Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 1864 21998 (after 9:00 pm Baku Time only)
Skype: Faig (
Mobile: +994 055 7978435/070 3113959
WhatsApp: +994 055 7978435
Facebook Messenger: Marv Nemo

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Azerbaijani, Russian, English

Areas of Specialisation:

Literature (fiction and non-fiction; screenplays, blog entries); legal; banking and finance; social sciences; arts and humanities (excl. architecture); mass media and entertainment (incl. films and movie business); advertising; cultural studies; private correspondence; geology and geophysics; petroleum industry (incl. data acquisition and processing); food and beverage; cosmetics; politics and public relations.

Online Gaming:
Community manager; gamer interaction and information. Have worked as a freelance gaming psychology consultant and idea generator.

Creative Writing:
Writing short-stories, longer stories, poems; completed my first feature-length screenplay; several short-stories were published in USA.

Teaching & Lecturing:
English language; Theory and practice of translation; Literature; Psychology; Creative Writing.

Educational Background:

 IBO; IBDP English A: Literature (Cat.1); the course completes e/o March, the diploma to arrive in April-May 2020).
 Swiss Montreux Business School, Montreux, Switzerland; MBA Psychology (the diploma to arrive in March 2020).
 Winghill Writing School; Ottawa, Canada; the Comprehensive Writing Course; 2007.
 Gotham Writers’ Workshop; NYC, USA; the Screenwriting I and Screenwriting II courses; 2007-2008.
 The Psychology Department, the State Languages University; Candidate of Sciences in Social Psychology; Baku, Azerbaijan; 2005-2007.
 The British Council Language Courses; the Cambridge Certificates in Advanced English (1997) and of Proficiency in English (1998); Baku, Azerbaijan.
 The Open Society Institute Internet Training Centre; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1997 - 1998.
 The State Languages Institute; Diploma of English-French Translator & Interpreter and Secondary School Teacher; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1995-1997.
 Maxim Gorky Literature Institute; Moscow, Russia; 1990-1994.

Employment History:

I have worked as a freelance/full-time translator, university lecturer, transcreator, interpreter, writer since 1992. In any assignment or role I can and will bring to the table my experience, knowledge, meticulousness, speed, reliability and openness to all things new. Rising to a challenge, if rewarded well, is something I have never eschewed.

 Translator, English<>Russian<Azerbaijani, the VERO Translation Company (Baku, Azerbaijan); June 2022 till present.
 Translator, English<>Russian<Azerbaijani, the Milli Majlis (Parliament) of the Azerbaijan Republic; September 2020 till present.
 Translator (on call), Unibank Commercial Bank; Baku, Azerbaijan; 2020 till present.
 Teacher of English; World (Dünya) School Sumgait, Sumgait, Azerbaijan; 2017-2020.
 Independent English tutor; Sumgait, Azerbaijan; since 2000.
 Lecturer in Creative Writing; Barattson, Baku, Azerbaijan; since 2015 (inactive).
 Translator and interpreter on call; RWE Dea; Baku, Azerbaijan; 2009-2015.
 Translator, The Azerbaijan Business Magazine; Baku, Azerbaijan; 30 March 2006 to 2007.
 Translator on-call for the CBC (Caspian Business Consultants); Baku, Azerbaijan; 20 October 2006 to 2007.
 Translator (full-time), Unibank Commercial Bank; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1 June 2005 to 2020.
 Translator (mass media), The Azeri Times People Magazine; March 2005 till 31 May 2005.
 Lecturer (Theory and Practice of Translation; the English Language) at the Western University; Baku, Azerbaijan; 2002-2005.
 Translator (mass media), The Azer Press News Agency; Baku, Azerbaijan; July 1999 till 31 May 2005; 2006-October 2019.
 Translator, The Azerbaycan Dunyasi Magazine; Baku, Azerbaijan; October 2004 till 2015.
 Translator on call for UniBank; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1998 till 27 May 2005.
 Translator on call for Bank Standard; Baku, Azerbaijan; 2004 - 2006.
 Translator (mass media), The Azeri Times newspaper; Baku, Azerbaijan; July 1999 till June 2007.
 Translator on-call, the TopAz Business Information Agency; Baku, Azerbaijan; June 2000-2001.
 Contract translator for Consolidated Suppliers Ltd; Baku, Azerbaijan; September – December 2000.
 Translator on call, the Attas translation agency; Baku, Azerbaijan; July 1999-2005.
 Translator, The ‘Upstream’ petroleum newspaper, Norway; (employed in Baku) January 1999 till June 1999.
 Translator (mass media), The Sharg news agency; Baku, Azerbaijan; Jan-June 1999.
 Translator for General Electric International Operations; Baku, Azerbaijan; December 1998 – October 1998.
 Translator /Radio operator, McDermott Marine Constructions; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1998.
 All-range translator, MasterWord Translations; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1997-98.
 Technical translator, interpreter, office clerk, McDermott Marine Constructions; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1995-97.
 Clerk, ASB humanitarian organisation; Baku, Azerbaijan; 1995.
 Literary translator, Amex Publishers; Moscow, Russia; 1994.
 Literary translator, Centrepolygraph Publishers; Moscow, Russia; 1994.

Other Abilities/Skills:

 Fine communication, community interaction, forum moderation skills & experience
 An experienced MMORTS player and tester (1100ad, Forge of Empires, Blitzkrieg, etc.)
 In-game guild/order management and leading skills
 Game writing w/o programming
 Can draw pictures and cartoons (graphics)
 High typing speed
 Can handle paperwork and arrange meetings
 Good administrative skills and experience
 Experienced in office work
 Literary writing skills; can compose letters, articles, leaflets, etc
 Editing and proof-reading based on experience and education (English/Russian)
 The ability to acquire abilities