Freelance translator profile for Ali Ameri

Translator's name:Ali Ameri
Lanaguage pair:Farsi to English translator
Country of residence:Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Activity:Acitive since 2022
Membership status:Basic member

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Ali Ameri ‎

Current position:‎
Editor, English desk of Iran’s Book News Agency (IBNA): ‎‎
Part-time oral interpreter, familiar with medical interpretation ‎
Freelance book translator and writer ‎

Translator, oral interpreter and writer ‎
Ex-Editor and writer of Culture and Art, Iran Daily English language ‎newspaper (2007-2008)‎
Translator of the English section of Iran's Academy of Arts website ‎‎( in 2006-2010‎

Translator of the English section of Khabar Online news website ‎‎( in 2009-2013‎

Translator of numerous articles on media, philosophy of art, economy, ‎politics, etc. from English to Farsi in Iranian press.‎

Short experience in TV journalism and reporting

Member of the Association of Iranian Journalists and Iran’s Association ‎of Film Critics

Skills: ‎
Persian to English translation & vice versa ‎
Oral interpretation
Familiar with French
Computer (Windows, Microsoft Office, internet)‎

Main Books: (Translated from English to Persian):‎

How to Study Television, by: Ron Cowdry, Keith Selby; McMillan Press, ‎‎1995 ‎
Critical Ideas on TV Studies, by: John Corner; Oxford University press, ‎‎1999‎

The Oxford Guide to Film Studies (Critical Approaches), by: John Hill, ‎Pamela Church Gibson; Oxford University Press, 1999. ‎

Experimental Cinema in the Digital Age, by: Malcolm Le Grice, British ‎Film Institute Press, 2000.‎

‎ You’re Only Young Twice: Children’s Literature and Film, by: Tim ‎Morris, University of Illinois Press, 2001‎

Finding Meaning at the Movies, by: Sara Anson Vaux, Abingdon press, ‎‎1999 ‎

Catching Light: Looking for God in the Movies, by: Roy M. Anker, ‎WM.B. Eardmans Publishing Co., 2004‎

The Aesthetics of Digital Cinema, Collected Essays, Farabi Cinema ‎Foundation Press, 2007‎

Cinema Genre, Raphaelle Moine, Wiley-Blackwell / Minouye Kherad, ‎‎2008‎

To be Published:‎

Fahrenheit 451, A Novel, by Ray Bradbury, Ballantine Books ‎
Books (co-operation): ‎
Religion in the Media Age, by Stewart Hoover (translation), Islamic ‎Research Center of IRIB

Main Books (Translated from Persian to English):‎

Encyclopedia of Iranian-Islamic Figures
From Dust to Rain (Diaries of Abdollah Jasbi) ‎

Contact: Email:

‎ Mobile Phone: 09127983174 ‎