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Translator's name:Diya Takrouri
Lanaguage pair:English to Arabic translator
Country of residence:Turkey
Activity:Acitive since 2022
Membership status:Basic member

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Professional Linguist &
Translator (Arabic><English)

Phone+90 534 849 5669
Skype diya.takrorui

Native-Arabic speaking linguist and translator having an innate passion for excellence with an established talent for tailoring (Arabic><English) target language texts reflecting optimal, flawless and faithful approximation to the spirit, style, tone, nuance and verbatim of the source texts.

Equally performing other language related services, including, proofreading, copyediting, transcription, subtitling, localization, annotation, as well as other linguistic consultation tasks. A passion, anchored by triple specialized academic majors and enriched, crystalized and refined to become an authority over 30 years of proven expertise.

Established background in wide range of linguistic related specialty, including NGOs, political, legal, petroleum, educational, business, marketing, technical, religious and creative writing jobs.

Freelance Linguist/Translator / 2000 – Present (Turkey, Gulf and Syria based)

Translate, proofread, copyedit and revise humanitarian related narratives and other materials, resolving conflicts related to the meanings of technical terms, terminology and concepts; ensuring that the translations retain meaning accuracy and feeling of the original material, and remain consistent throughout translation revisions.

Likewise performing localization, annotation and tens of transcription, and subtitling tasks, in addition to other linguistic consultation services such as accommodating written Arabic and English translation materials to specific targeted audience cognitive and grade levels, and adapt English language technical documents to Arabic language and culture.

Performing wide range of language related services for various local, regional, GCC and Turkey-based international humanitarian organizations, educational institutions as well as business clients, including the UN, UNICEF, TWB and other regional and SNGOs, including The White Helmets, STEF, SAFMCD;

Translation, proofreading and copyediting of laws, decrees, all sorts of corporate literature, such as construction, partnership, sponsorship, employment and sales contracts, in-laws, policies, guidelines, datasheets, academic literature, like thesis and dissertations, besides doing telephone simultaneous translation as well as in meetings.

Contracted to do the ground paper works for the establishment and introduction of Dublin International Petroleum Company Syria, into the country. Translation of all sorts of the oil-business related documentation, such as the PSA, and other agreements, correspondence among official authorities with the foreign partners, minutes of meetings, SHEs MDSs. Subsequently joining the company following its establishment as contractor-employee in 2008.

Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU)/2017 – 2019 Turkey - Gaziantep
Translation, proofreading and copy-editing of thematic, situational, need assessment, development, dynamo, flash, and newsletter reports, besides closely checking pertinent questionnaires’ overall coherence and consistency, in addition to other humanitarian-related narrative literature concerning the Syrian crises produced by the ACU’s Information Management Unit (IMU) and third parties.

Chief Translator
Sinopec International Petroleum Corporation (SIPC), Syria Ltd. / 2008 – 2015

Supervised a team of three translators, proofread, and ensured accurate and correct renderings generated by the team members as well as by other departments' translators; improving the overall output in terms of turnout volume and timely delivery, besides ensuring and sustaining error free yields.

Selected to do the translation and copyediting into English of the BODs' weekly minutes of meetings, besides rendering into English the company’s quarterly financial auditing reports; striking delicate balance between very tight deadlines while maintaining the section’s timely delivery of the daily assignments.

Key Achievements
Envisioned and spearheaded development of novel, large-scale, and nation-wide project to have certain API's (American Petroleum Institute) Standards (3700 pages) be translated into Arabic, saving the company as well as other resident OPCOs the hassles and cost of resorting to specialized external sources.

Originated unique drive by introducing first-of-its-kind Arabic-English intranet specialized petroleum terminology glossary, for easy access by the company staff; saving the time for searching, answering queries and using accurate terminology vis-à-vis industry Arabic-English equivalent words.

Selected to lend a hand in copy editing the company’s monthly newsletter, fact-checking, cultural consistency, fine-tuning and proofreading. Drafting articles for publication and searching for innovative ideas of interest to company staff.

Abu Dhabi Customs Dept., UAE / 1994-2004
First Translator
Maintained proactive involvement in translation, copy-editing, proofreading all bilingual communications, advertisements, and publications, including manuals, Web content, informational brochures and instructional training guides’ content for the customs officers.

Selected to act as media monitoring officer; going over the daily newspapers, business magazines and the internet to retrieve articles that have to do with the Customs Dept.'s operations, make summary of the same, decide on the most significant ones for translation in full, and keep concerned stockholders well informed about the issue.

Doing interpretation during seminars hosted by the Customs Dept. and during meetings held by the management team with foreign parties.

Key Achievements
Completed translation, copyediting and desktop publishing of over 500 pages “Study on Re-organization of Abu Dhabi Customs Department Setup”; seconded to work hand in hand for over 9 months with experts from UAE KPMG.

Accomplished the rendering of the maiden version of “UAE Customs Tariffs Schedule” and desktop edited its bi-lingual edition.

Scheduled assignments for external outsourced translation of the GATT Agreements (1500 pages), proofread, copyedited, and provided guidance to improve exact approximation and terminology usage as well as the flow of its Arabic version readability.

Translated three course-books of 900 pages on “Customs Inspection Methodology & Techniques”, in close coordination with the lecturing officers from the US Customs Service. Employing my study background in linguistics to coin new localized special Arabic words and terms in the industry for easy understanding by the UAE local customs officers, and desktop edited the same in a record period of just three months only.

Selected to conduct ESP training courses for the customs officers, deploying my teaching specialist tactics to coach staff improve their industry-related language skills and enhance their verbal and formal writing lexicon.

University of Damascus
Syria / 1986 - 1987
Translation & Arabization - One-Year Diploma Courses

University of Damascus
Syria / 1985- 1986
English Linguistics - One-Year Diploma Courses

University of Damascus
Syria / 1981- 1985
Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature

Awarded a certificate for proofreading the NRC’s “Child Survivor Initiative” 2018.
Certificate to have been one of the major and best contributing translators in rendering and proofreading the Arabic version of the 2015th edition of the Camp Management Toolkit “CCCM Toolkit”.

Sworn-in Translator from UAE Ministry of Justice, Abu Dhabi 2000

CAT Tools SDL Trados Studio 2019 Smart Cat Memesource MemQ
Transcription Voice Editing Express Scribe
Subtitling Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro
Localization Web Tools Dreamweaver HTML Editor
Graphic Tools Photoshop Illustrator InDesign
MS Office Word Excel PowerPoint