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Translator's name:Mixian Liu
Lanaguage pair:English to Chinese translator
Country of residence:China
Activity:Acitive since 2021
Membership status:Basic member

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Language pairs: English<>Japanese; English<>Chinese; English<>Korean
Chinese: Native
English: Fluent
Japanese: Fluent
Korean: Fluent

Education Background
April 2005 – March 2010
Bachelor of Literature,Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
September 2011 – December 2012
Master in International Management, Tilburg University, Netherlands

Working Experience
January 2016 – Present
English - Japanese/Chinese/Korean freelance translator
Specializing in the following fields:
Business / Commerce, Architecture / Urban Design, IT / E -Commerce / Internet, Computers (General), Cosmetics / Beauty, Mechanics, Patent, Medical, Technical / Localization, Human Resources, Linguistics, etc.;
Main Clients:
Cadence, Milly Garcia-Soto, Lingviny Inc. Nike, Marsh, Best Western, Finnair, Lingotek, Transnex, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gallup, Accor, Philips, Garmin, Thebigword, etc.

June 2010 – December 2015
English - Japanese translator at Blue 105 Corporation
for subtitling movies, TV shows and documentaries

December 2009 – May 2010
English - Japanese translator and reviewer at Welocalize Japan, mainly responsible for doc translation, editing, proofreading and project management (work with project managers and vendors to ensure the client’s quality requirements are met; analyze the quality feedback/problems and share the analysis with vendors; meet with the client’s linguist regularly etc.)

Sample 1

00:00:00,439 --> 00:00:03,022
iPhone 7 rumours: Design
iPhone 7についての噂:デザイン

00:01:01,340 --> 00:01:03,430
What you shouldn't expect from the iPhone 7 is a design
iPhone 7に期待してはいけないのはデザイン。

00:01:03,430 --> 00:01:06,350
that's radically different from the iPhone 6.

00:01:06,350 --> 00:01:08,680
Apple usually keeps the same design

00:01:08,680 --> 00:01:10,290
for two generations of the iPhone,

00:01:10,290 --> 00:01:12,260

so the slimmer, lighter and rounder design of the iPhone 6
iPhone6のよりスリム、軽い、円やかなデザインは iPhone 7にも

00:01:12,260 --> 00:01:14,500
is expected to carry over to the iPhone 7, too.

00:01:14,500 --> 00:01:18,690
Bookmark this page and come back regularly

00:01:18,690 --> 00:01:20,318
for the latest iPhone 7 information, clues, hints and rumours,

00:01:20,318 --> 00:01:22,485
as well as any leaked photos of the iPhone 7 that emerge;

00:01:23,710 --> 00:01:28,420
we'll update the article

00:01:28,420 --> 00:01:32,410
whenever we hear any worthwhile new information on the subject.

Sample 2

Setting Sail
——Promotional Film Voiceover of Dandong Taifeng Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Far and near pipes the fisherman, from the sea rise the tides ……
Donggang, a beautiful, fertile and pleasant place, is located at the superexcellent geographic position along both the river and the sea. For generations, people rely and live on the sea.
Thanks to the Yellow River and the Yalu River that are rich in fishery resources, Donggang boasts various fresh seafoods, including clam, conch, crab, fish and trepang. This seafood city has become well-known all over the world, with flourishing vitality brought to the seafood deep processing industry.
Dandong Taifeng Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is hereby established……
Since its establishment in 1999, the company’s founder Yu Haiqing has led his team, with the vision and intention of “bring Dandong delicacy to the world”, to develop the integrated business model of seafood deep processing, cold storage, imports and exports, and distribution relying on the rich fishery resources of Donggang. At present, the company possesses 6000 tons of cold storage capacity, 200 tons of daily quick freeze capacity and 10000 tons of annual processing capability.
渔人几处学吹箫,海色苍苍弄晚潮 ……
东港,这片美丽富饶、气候宜人的土地,依托于沿江、沿海的绝佳地理位置,世世代代的人,面朝大海,耕海生息 ……
丹东泰丰食品有限公司,由此应运而生 ……

Sample 3

-Enterprise 회사 기업
The co-founder of the group Mr. Tsai Ming San, 1940’s old generation Taiwanese who was hard working with diligent, hardy character had established this enterprise and now his second generation were more aggressive to follow his foot step to extend the business territory and improve, enhance and cultivate new products. We expect to move forward to a century enterprise by honest goodwill, outstanding quality and modest attitude.
그룹 연합의 창시자 채명삼 선생은 1940 년대 대만의 늙은 일대이다. 그는 근면하고, 열심히 공부하고, 괴로움을 참고, 힘든 일을 견디고, 이 기업을 창업하였다. 현재 그의 제 2대는 더욱 적극적으로 그의 뒤를 따라 업무 영역을 확장하고, 새로운 제품을 개진하고, 업그레이드하고, 육성하고 있다. 우리는 신용을 지키는 영업권, 뛰어난 품질, 겸손한 태도로 100년 기업을 향해 매진 하고싶다.

-History 회사 역사
Taiwan head quarters Global Wood Products Co., Ltd (Ex- Ching Yi Make Up Board Co Ltd and later changes its name to Forest States Enterprise Co., Ltd.) was established since 1971. The enterprise has over 40 years history and has been awarded Taiwan Top Ten Golden Commerce Exporter Award in year 1970 to 1990, they mainly export to Middle East market and till today they still specialize in yacht industries.
대만 총부 세계 목제품 유한 회사 (원 청의 제조판 유한 회사 ,후에 림주 기업 유한 회사로 개명 하였 음)는 1971년에 설립 되였다. 본 기업은 40 여년의 력사를 가지고 있다. 1970년부터 1990년까지 대만 10대 상인 수출 금상을 수상 하였다. 중동 시장에 주로 수출 되며, 지금도 요트 산업 위주다.
Malaysia Zhing Yi Make Up Board Co Sdn Bhd was estalished in 1990 and it major in Malaysia renovation industries.
말레이시아 진의 채색 화장판 유한 회사는 1990년에 설립 되였고, 말레이시아의 장식 업종에 종사하는 회사였다.