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Translator's name:Walisson Paz Ribeiro
Lanaguage pair:Spanish to Portuguese translator
Country of residence:Brazil
Activity:Acitive since 2021
Membership status:Basic member

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Walisson Paz Ribeiro
Address: S. Acácias, 200
76190-000, City: Maricá/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
Phone Number: 55+ (21) 971-582-895
Date of Birth: 11/09/1988
Nationality: Brazilian
Qualifications and Professional Activities
• Course: English Institution Name: Cruzeiro do Sul College
• Course: Digital Marketing (2020); Institution Name: Tiago Fonseca, Course:
• Business Strategy (2021); Institution Name: FGV Online, Course:
Academic Background:
• University graduate - Faculdade Cruzeiro do Sul – Country: Brazil, City: Maricá/RJ, Graduated in June/2021. CR: 9,0 (= GPA 3.52)
• High School Colégio Estadual Plinio Damasco Penna – Country: Brazil, City: São Paulo/SP, Graduated in December/2008. CR: 9,4 (= GPA 3.60)
• Fluent English (EN) and Spanish (ES).
Translation Experiences
• Translation of scientific articles and revision of monographs (Faculdade Cruzeiro do Sul) January/2020 – April/2021.
• Subtitle translation on my personal YouTube channel (YouTube) January/2021 currently.
Computer Skills:
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft Windows
• Internet Explorer (2019)
• Digital Marketing (2021)
Professional Experience:
• Cartão de Todos – Job title: Business Consultant, Country: Brazil, City: Maricá/RJ – Time period: February/2021 – June/2021.
- Attracting and retaining customers;
- Sales of health plans;
- Social Media Management.
• Uber – Job title: Driver, Country: Brazil, City: Maricá /RJ – Time period: January/2019 – November /2020.
- Passenger transport.
• Bolivian Dwarf Soccer Team – Job title: Coach, Country: Brazil, City: Santa Cruz de la Sierra/BOLIVIAN – Time period: June /2018 – November /2018.
- I provide digital marketing services for companies in the city of Maricá;
- I work with brand management and paid traffic