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Translator's name:Su Wai Phyo
Lanaguage pair:English to Burmese translator
Country of residence:Myanmar (formerly Burma)
Activity:Acitive since 2021
Membership status:Basic member

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Dear All,
My name is Su Wai Phyo, currently working as the freelance interpreter/translator for various organizations. First of all, since my career starts, I worked as a reliable and trustworthy interpreter for Japan International Cooperation Agency which is the honorable organization in all over the world. While there, I successfully involved not only in some workshops, trainings, meetings and individual interviews mostly with governmental officials, but also in translations of important documents necessary for building of new Yangon structure. Then, I was offered to serve as translator in Myanmar Peace Center which had, at that time, the very important role for national reconciliation and peace building among many ethnic armed groups and various kinds of societies. When I was in Myanmar Peace Center, mainly my responsibility was to translate about research documents, guidance, operating structures, framework and other highly technical terms relating with peace process. Whenever there were the trainings, meetings and workshops, I had to serve as interpreter for both sides. That experience would be fit for this project. I served as “Consultant – Translator (Retainer)” for the projects of UN-Women regarding migration and gender-based violence as well as projects of UNDP concerned with local governance in which we need to especially deal with General Administration Department. With my big client, FHI-360, not only I participated in capacity building for many local civil societies and media organizations so that they can be the advocates for law enforcement but also, I committedly involved in numbers of workshops for awareness giving of CEDAW and sexual harassment policy within their offices. Additionally, we together with UNICEF and Cambridge university made a trip to Naypyitaw and Mon state for assessing the feasibility of a technology trial in Myanmar of the Microsoft platform which is to support education and learning for migrant children, internally displaced persons, hosting communities and other vulnerable populations.
Often various business organizations offered me the opportunities to interpret in their market researches, business meetings and workshops. For example, Mckinsey&company which is the very renowned consulting company all over the world is my great client. Moreover, not only them but also INGOs, NGOs and embassy use my translation and interpretation service. They trust my translation skills unconditionally. Among various organizations, some of them are US Army, Sweden embassy, Denmark Embassy, Australia Embassy, FHI-360, Nathan and Associates, World Bank, The Asia Foundation, UNDP and so on. So, these kinds of experiences are perfectly matched with what this organization needs.
Additionally, I have the talents to understand the organization structure and the ability of adaption in one situation. Whenever I have the tasks to complete, I manage to accomplish these tasks with punctuality, preciseness, no delay and compassion. That’s why most of my clients appreciate my translation and interpretation service. According to the job descriptions of vacancy announced, your organization requires the one that has the excellent communication skills, computer literacy (Standard application software and internet applications) and good emotional intelligence. My studies and experiences can fulfill all of the things your organization wanted. I understand this position also needs a candidate who is team- and detail-oriented, works very well under pressure, and is able to deal with individuals throughout the organization. My experiences and knowledge I learned look like to match with this job requirement. I am deeply confident myself that I can perform the job effectively and efficiently, and I am excited about the idea of working for a dynamic organization.
Best Regards,
Su Wai Phyo.