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Translator's name:ANDRES KRAMER
Lanaguage pair:German to Portuguese translator
Country of residence:Brazil
Activity:Acitive since 2021
Membership status:Basic member

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Andrés Krämer
Translator and Interpreter
German – Portuguese Br.– English – Spanish – Italian - French

Condensed résumé

Name: Andrés José Krämer

Date of birth: January 22nd, 1950, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Citizenship: Argentinean, German, Brazilian. Living in Brazil since 1974

Address: Rua Arizona, 1064 – Apto. 111 – CEP 04567-003 – São Paulo – Brazil

Telephone Cel. 55 11 9 8718 3435 – 55 11 9 9946 4624


Scholarship: Elementary School: Humboldt Schule Buenos Aires, with the complete cycle in German, English and Spanish

High School: Facultad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina, partial), Technische Hochschule Mannheim (Germany, final).

Experience: Twenty years at multinational companies, like Texas Instruments – USA, ABB – Switzerland, living in different countries like the US, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, etc.

Extension courses and workshops in the countries mentioned above, as well as in Taiwan and Japan.

In 1985 I started translating pre-clinical and clinical studies, manufacture processes, SOP’s, product leaflets, etc., and along the time I never stopped translating.

In 1989, started as Translation Area Manager at the company called All Tasks Ltda. in São Paulo, Brazil, participating of major projects, like the implementation of the General Glossary and Technical Documentation for the first Bid for the Cellular Telephone System, with the participation of several extension courses and workshops in Translation Techniques, Automated Translation, also as adviser for international translations platforms, etc.

In 1992, I started my career as Freelance Translator and Interpreter, with activities being developed working almost for multinational companies in the specific areas of medicine, medical literature, and pharmaceuticals, with the translation of Clinical Trials, Protocols, Product Leaflets, Investigator Brochures, SOP’s, Legal, HR, etc. covering following languages, from and to: Portuguese (Br.), Spanish, German, English, French and Italian.
I was working with translations, editing, post-editing and interpretation jobs for companies like F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Roche Diabetes Care, Roche Diagnostics, Pfizer, Bayer, Leo Pharma, Astra Zeneca, Schering Plough, Eli Lilly, Merck (MSD), etc., as well as translation agencies worldwide, among others.

In 1995, as a request from my clients, I made a special training course called “Financial Documents translation” at the international audit company Arthur Andersen Ltd., in São Paulo, with the translation of Annual Financial Reports, Balance Sheets, Financial Strategy and Planning, etc., starting to work in this area for Arthur Andersen herself, as well as for KPMG, Deloitte, and for the financial departments of my usual clients.

As an interpreter, I usually work in cabin (simultaneous) translation in presentations, lectures, etc., and with consecutive translations participating in meetings with executives of my main customers.

Further to my clients in the pharmaceutical – medical area mentioned above, my main customers also include Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank AG, Ford Motors Company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Nuclebras, Boeing Corporation, Nestle AG, Swiss Bank Corpoation, etc. as well as translation agencies worldwide, among others.

São Paulo, January 2020

Andrés José Krämer
Translator and Interpreter