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Translator's name:Nelson L.F. Barros
Lanaguage pair:Portuguese to English translator
Country of residence:Brazil
Activity:Acitive since 2020
Membership status:Basic member

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Brazilian citizen

Mobile: 55 (11) 99633 7791 E-mail:



 Leadership and strategic vision added to the experience in Sales & Marketing and Business Management are key personal success factors.
 Deep knowledge of the Brazilian complexity of business rules and taxations.
 Focused on results and experienced in different changing processes.
 Responsible for sales worth of R$ 75 million/year.
 Experience in certification processes and audits in Quality Systems (ISO 9001 and ISO 14000).
 Broad international experience in global companies (ABB / SANDVIK / KOMET) at the business level, technology transference, and development and implementation of sales projects achieving good results.
 Clear and effective communication when dealing with internal personnel, customers and abroad people.
 Dynamic, proactive, and committed to the business with good interpersonal relations.
 Very good knowledge and experience dealing with distributors, wholesalers, end users and also with salesman and representatives
 More than twenty years performing in the industrial segment, working from Technical and Production areas to Commercial and Marketing areas
 High proficiency in computer software and applications (MS Office, ERPs, etc.).


 Important cost reduction and sales increase reaching 18,4% more in comparison of 2019 with 2018 (Juntec 2019 to 2020)
 Sales Development of 63% more of new customers even facing the enormous recent economic crisis in Brazil (Stilrevest 2014 to 2016)
 Total sales reaching 62 MR$ in 2013 (Celmar 2012 to 2014)
 Substantial increase of Sales and Results in 3 years work moving the sales up by 36% in relation to work start, orders received up by 27% and EBIT up by 37% (Komet 2007 to 2010).
 Substantial increase of the Market Share, passing, within five years, from 21 to 27% in its market segment, consolidating a leadership through internal culture change allied to a definition and focus on the service for key customers (Dormer - 1999 to 2004).
 Profitability Record never reached before, with annual invoicing of MR$ 75 and EBIT of MR$ 15 (20% of net invoicing), obtained through valorization of the sales team and their contribution in the process, focusing on the