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Translator's name:Proofreading Services
Lanaguage pair:English to Russian translator
Country of residence:United States of America
Activity:Acitive since 2020
Membership status:Basic member

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Professional Translation/Proofreading/Rewriting/Copywriting Services.

I am fluent in both English and Russian. I am a multi-skilled, reliable, and talented translator/proofreader/copywriter with a proven ability to translate written documents from a source language to a target language. I provide professional translation/proofreading/copywriting/localization/adaptation/consulation services.

I am a quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively with people from all social and professional backgrounds. Well mannered, articulate, and fully aware of diversity and multicultural issues. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise and, at the same time, remaining aware of professional roles and boundaries.

I have more than 12 years of experience!

I am a bilingual person. I understand all the peculiarities and nuances of Russian and English like no other. I have unique knowledge of both cultures (Russian-speaking and English-speaking countries), language peculiarities, nuances, realities of Russia and English-speaking countries, and norms of language/texts/documents/style used in them. I have the highest Russian and English proficiency and proven ability to fluently speak, proofread, and translate from English and Russian.

I am a member of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters and the American Translators Association.

I possess excellent communication and social skills. Proven ability to work to tight deadlines. Highly skilled in Word, Excel, and Microsoft Outlook. Able to work under pressure. Able to prioritize work. Proven excellent written English and Russian. Exceptional translation and proofreading skills. Proven ability to translate complicated texts such as law, IT, and official documents. Excellent communication and presentation skills in both Russian and English. Highly motivated and results oriented with the ability to plan ahead. Excellent knowledge of Russia and the USA. Strong interpersonal and communications skills.

The best translator/proofreader/copywriter!

I have translated/edited/proofread a huge number of books, scientific papers, articles, manuals, descriptions, essays, scripts, and many other documents that were subsequently published around the world.

I work with more than 100 companies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA, Canada, UK, and other countries!

I am an official translator/proofreader with companies such as Gazprom, McKinsey Russia, Gazprom Neft, RosNeft, MTV Russia, World Economic Journal, Eurocement, Skolkovo, Severstal, BEKO, Mckisney Russia, Rossotrudnichestvo, Rosneft, Gazprombank, Lukoil, SportsFacilities, Velcom, WatchJ, and many other companies and government organizations.

The majority of Russian "translators" offer very low-cost services because of their absolute incompetence and ignorance and due to the fact that they use machine translation, which is clearly detrimental to quality and causes reputational problems, failure to meet deadlines, and additional costs of editing/proofreading of such "translations" borne by employers. I know this for a fact since I proofread texts translated by such "experts" every single day.

If you are looking for PROFESSIONAL translation/proofreading/copywriting services, feel free to contact me.


Skype: xxjj989xx
Telegram: @billion_dollar_boi


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