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Translator's name:itransfang
Lanaguage pair:Chinese to English translator
Country of residence:China
Activity:Acitive since 2018
Membership status:Basic member

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1. Since 2012 when I graduated from college, I have been devoted to translation-related jobs and assignments, mainly including translating patent and Dubai local ecommerce website content, editing and translating integrated marketing content in the tourism industry at oversea social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as doing on-site interpretation during the First Year Inspection (FYI) project in an Indonesian local power plant. Moreover, I have built long-term translation partnership with many enterprises at home and abroad.

2. Due to the combination of my translation experience in fields like patent, ecommerce and new media integrated marketing together with my education background of electrical engineering at college, I have developed my sensitivity to source languages in a plurality of aspects and my capabilities of information retrieval and integration as well as quick learning of how to express the info in the target language so as to guarantee effective communication.

3. I have been rejuvenating myself through numerous on-the-job trainings to further improve my language and communication skills like English pronunciation from Tianya English, interpretation from Cambridge Academy of Translation, Ledge, Creeducation (WeChat Public Account ID: Creeducation), translation from Listening and Speaking First, etc.

4. I can efficiently do office work with the combination of tools like Microsoft Office, ABBYY FineReader and Adobe Acrobat Reader, and have been developing my skills in Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Premiere Pro.
同时,我能熟练使用Microsoft Office、ABBYY FineReader、Adobe Acrobat Reader等办公软件,并且正在打磨Adobe Photoshop CC和Adobe Premiere Pro相关技能。