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Translator's name:shabbir
Lanaguage pair:Arabic to English translator
Country of residence:United Kingdom
Activity:Acitive since 2018
Membership status:Basic member

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I have been in the field of Translating / Interpreting, proofreading, quality management of translation projects, transcription and teaching Arabic, both here in the UK, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, for over 3 decades. In brief I taught at the American University in Cairo, have taught at various collages and language schools here in UK and continue to do so.

My translation & interpreting clients includes the Social Services, the police, the courts, & more recently the Immigration Advisory Services, law firms & the Department of Works and Pension (DWP), and many more. My recent translation clients include Translation/Interpretation for agencies in the UK, the US, and US government agencies including the US Central Command, the government of the UAE, IRAQ and SAUDI ARABIA.

The types of projects covered in both translations and interpreting are wide and varied, from police statements, travel documents, commercial contracts, legal and financial documents, memorandums of understandings, medical assessments, asylum & immigration cases as well as transcriptions with translations of video & audio media & many other fields.

My contribution on at:, will also give you ample information, but should any further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact me at : or on ++44 7713 256 555.

I would also request you to put me on your database as a reference for future use, where by you could save your valuable resources in time and money by directly contacting me for future jobs.

My language pairs for translation are:

English - Arabic
Arabic - English
Arabic - Urdu
Urdu - Arabic
English - Urdu
Urdu - English

And for interpreting only:
Gujarati - English
Urdu - Gujarati
Gujarati - Urdu
Arabic - Gujarati.
Gujarati - Arabic.

I am also awaiting accreditation by Arab Professional Translators Society.

Looking forward to work with you.
Yours sincerely

Shabbir Limbada.