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Translator's name:Zheng Yuanchang
Lanaguage pair:English to Chinese translator
Country of residence:China
Activity:Acitive since 2017
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Dear sir:
I am a Chinese native, now living in China. I was graduated from famous Zhejiang University in 1985, major in English Language Literature. I have been working on translation since my graduation for over 20 years. I am good at medical and legal translation. Hope to work for you soon. I work at the rate UD0.04/word for you.

1981-1985 Study at Zhejiang University, major in English language literature.
1985-2000 Work at Juhua Group Corporation, as a full time translator.
2000-2008 Work at New Life Mission as a full time translator.
2008-2015 Work as a freelancer and a contractor at home.

Translation examples: 65 simple Chinese books 65 books traditional Chinese books

Translation tools:
Trados 7.0; Illustrator 4.0; InDesign 6.0;PDF editor; FrontPage;

Translation pairs:
Eng<>simple Ch; Eng<>traditional Ch; Ch<>Japanese; Eng,<>Japanese

Business scope:
Translation between English and Chinese; Typesetting (DPT); conversion of doc and PDF; localization; other business in China

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Skype: zheng8181

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Source Language (Chinese)
Target Language (English)
重症中暑可导致脑、循环、血液及肝、肾等器官功能不全或衰竭,而多器官功能障碍综合征(MODS)是重症中暑患者的主要死因,其病死率高达58%~71%[3]。苏州地区自 2013 年 7 月 7 日至 8 月 18 日连续 43 d 最高气温均在 35 ℃以上,其中 8 月 8 日至 10 日的日最高气温均在 40 ℃以上。在此期间,本院重症加强治疗病房(ICU)共收治 9 例中暑致 MODS 患者。反思重症中暑患者诊治中存在的问题,总结成功救治经验,并进行文献复习,具有重要的临床意义,现报告如下。
1 资料与方法
1.1 研究对象的纳入及排除标准:回顾性分析 2013 年 7 月至 8 月入住本院 ICU 的重症中暑(热射病)合并 MODS 患者的病例资料。入选标准:年龄>15 岁;符合重症中暑[4] 及 MODS[5]诊断标准。排除标准 Severe heatstroke can cause organ dysfunction syndrome or organ exhaustion of brain, circulation system, blood, liver and kidney, etc and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) is the main death cause of severe heatstroke with mortality rate as high as 58% - 71%[3]. The highest average temperature was over 35 ℃ for 43 days from 7 July to 18 August, 2013 in Suzhou area, during which the highest temperature was over 40℃ at day time from 8 to 10, August. During this period, intensive care unit (ICU) of our hospital received 9 MODS patients caused by heatstroke. Reflecting on the issues from the diagnosis and the treatment of the severe heatstroke patients, summarizing the experience of successful treatment and reviewing medical literature has great clinic meaning, now it is reported as follows.

1 Data and Method

1.1 Inclusion and exclusion standards of the research patients: reviewed and analyzed the patients