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Translator's name:Andrea Giardina
Lanaguage pair:English to Italian translator
Country of residence:Italy
Activity:Acitive since 2015
Membership status:Basic member

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My name is Andrea Giardina and I am very interested in the Italian-English, English-Italian translator job with your company. I hold two M.A. Degrees (Political Science and World History) and have extensive work experience as consultant for various and diverse industry fields. In addition, I carried out extensive research and wrote published reports on various topics commissioned by governmental agencies, non-profit/grass-root organizations, the Hi- Tech/ IT sectors, and the corporate field, among others. As can be seen from my resume, in my work as consultant and especially as published researcher/writer I cover a wide variety of different topics. I am very familiar with the technicalities of Internet Technology (including Enterprise Resource Plannning- in my recent job as technical writer for I offer advice to businesses on how to boost their growth and visibility through erp software solutions), the social media networking sites, and good at working with industry- specific or generic software programs and platforms of various types. I have also worked as a Teaching Assistant at San Francisco State University's Foreign Language Department, where I taught Italian to a class of over twenty students and also gave private lessons.

I am versatile and proficient with several IT programs - Internet, MS Office, Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, FileMaker Pro., OfficeWyze, Speech Recognition programs (Dragon NaturallySpeaking), apt at file format conversion of video and audio files, word and photo documents, and at working with major databases. I consider myself above average in my skills with speed-reading and at conducting original research to bring forth original conclusions. I am very attentive to detail, concise, good at multi-tasking, sociable, a good team- player, productive, and a fast writer who is able to think "outside the box."

I sincerely hope my skills satisfy the requirements for the position, and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.



Andrea Giardina
Cell: 331 150 8684