Freelance translator profile for Krassimira Tzvetkova

Translator's name:Krassimira Tzvetkova
Lanaguage pair:Bulgarian to English translator
Country of residence:United Kingdom
Activity:Acitive since 2014
Membership status:Basic member

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My extensive and exceptional education (a 5-year MA degree and a 3-year BA degree) has played a vital role in my career as a translator. My comprehensive 5-year full-time MA course comprised of all disciplines normally related to the in-depth study of the English language (including Morphology, Phonology, Syntax and its history of development). The course also included the subject Theory and Practice of Translation, which, as well as practising translation, provided me with the rare chance to study the theory behind the process. My MA specialism is in Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation. I also have an extensive experience in written translation in numerous subjects and areas in both directions (English-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-English). My MA gave me a level 8 qualification, higher than the UK-validated Diploma in Public Service Interpreting.

I speak, read and write fluent English, Bulgarian and Russian and have started learning the basics of French. My Word processing skills are excellent; I also operate freely with the rest of the Microsoft Office package. I offer to translate texts into and from English, Bulgarian and Russian.

Currently I work part-time as a translator for a Bulgarian non-profit organisation, which is dedicated to bettering the welfare of underrepresented minorities (the Gypsy communities) in Sofia. I receive the texts and return the translations via email. The organisation corresponds with charities, supporting Gypsies from Western Europe (mainly from Hungary and the Netherlands) as well as with the social services and the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria. The texts are mainly of educational and social nature. My main income comes from my two part-time teaching jobs - ESOL lecturer at the Birmingham Metropolitan College and the Birmingham City Council Adult Education Service. I am aiming at increasing my translation-related duties, while diminishing my teaching assignments.

While living in Bulgaria I worked for two publishing houses, where I translated 8 fiction books from English into Bulgarian, which were published. I had very good reviews of the translations from private persons and from the publishers. Translating within deadlines helped me develop quick thinking and excellent Word processing skills, as well as increasing my cognitive ability of