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Translator's name:Federico GIANNELLI
Lanaguage pair:English to French translator
Country of residence:United Kingdom
Activity:Acitive since 2014
Membership status:Basic member

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I've had my Master in Public Administration in 2001 and that same year I moved to the Croatia where, after an internship to a local newspaper ("Panorama", official newspaper of the Italian minority) where I wrote articles about International politics, I quickly found a position as a Tour Manager for an Austrian company operating in the travel and leisure industry.

My task was to provide an effective support to our French and Italian customers during their holidays in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania - all countries with a big increase in tourism and leisure industries.

I achieved this position due to my languages skills but nevertheless that allowed me to learn Croatian language as well as the Cyrillic alphabet.

This task included: tour planning with the transport infrastructures and authorities; visits to facilities (hotels, restaurants, national parks, museums, UNESCO protected sites, historical sites, etc.); translation and administrative duties with local authorities.

After this experience in the leisure industry I found a position as an executive assistant to a well-known archaeologist who also operated in the sector of the experimental archaeology: the manufacture of reproduction of items of high historical meaning and value strictly using the same historical methods and processes.

My tasks included everything related to administration, IT support as well as sales through Belgium, the Netherlands and France. My language skills also allowed me to provide the essential translation duties with other archaeologists, universities and other specialists.

Currently, since May 2013, I work as a Customer Service Representative for one of the major name in IT in the world, providing Italian and French customers with solutions to their issues through internet forums email direct interaction, a position that allow me to develop my technical knowledge and also to improve my language knowledge in a multi-cultural company.

I can provide, on demand, proof of my language skills