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Translator's name:amin
Lanaguage pair:English to Pashto translator
Country of residence:Afghanistan
Activity:Acitive since 2013
Membership status:Basic member

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Allama Habibi Translation and Research Company

We work non-stop to face the challenge and satisfy our clients (Mission Statement)
A- Introduction to HTRC
Translation and interpretation has an old background in the human life history, and undoubtedly it has played a very remarkable role and function for the development and spread of sciences, skills and technologies, means for socio-economic growth and political ideas and inter-cultural discourses to wider population.
Today, the world has become a village where the globalization revolves faster and faster to clench the weak nations along with their weak culture, language and economy. In order for nation to sustain strongly in this so called small village, in order to be able to represent our social, economic and cultural treasures and achievements, and in order to have a consistent access to update information and the rich treasure of human civilization, there is a strong need for translation, otherwise, we will live inferior to others and might not be in a position to meet the demands of the age and to move along with and sustain. Beside this, to have better access to modern scientific, cultural and literal achievements of others, we need to translate! Thus, translation is a means for opening doors of knowledge and facilitates the exchanges of ideas, skills and knowledge and experiences, while it is also a fundamental source for having and strengthening discussions and discourses among civilizations, different religions and societies.
Our Translation Services:
Over the past 4 years, HTRC (Allama Habibi Translation & Research Company) has specialized in several types of document translation services such as: educational, legal, economic, social, technical and financial. We also provide website translation service and, as well formal and informal simultaneous interpretation. Our company is ready to provide all sorts of translation and interpretation services into five languages (Dari, Pashto, English, Urdu and Arabic) and has a national network of production facilities. Our team is comprised of in-house and freelance linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, quality assurance managers all with a solid professional background in language translation, interpretation, revising and editing.
We provide high-quality services to individuals and all types of companies ranging from small business enterprises and firms, government institutions, state and private banks and national and international NGOs.
HTRC can assist you to translate big or small documents. Here is the list for different types of documents we translate into four languages on a daily basis, and can help you with many other types not brought in.
 Employee Handbooks
 Legal Contracts
 Technical Manuals
 Website Content
 Software Content
 Brochures and Catalogs
 Reports
 Procedures
 Birth and Death Certificates
 Marriage Certificates and Divorce Decrees
 Documentaries and movies.
Our working Team
As a community, we want our members to grow with us and to count on our services. Our team is comprise of a diverse group of translators, business administrators, engineers, writers, poets, critics, journalists, researchers and developers with a common objective that is to work collectively, and serve better. We do our best to make sure our customers get an outstanding experience, either as a translator, researcher or editor looking for work, or a client with a translation, research or editing project to be completed. We use professional translators, editors and researches for all our document translations and research activities. All our translators are native speakers, and translate into their native languages to ensure the highest-quality translation possible. We believe in quality and always try our best to employ the best tr
Our major clients:
During the last four years, we have been working with numerous organizations and have provided them satisfactory services. We have several clients, but the major customers we usually have been working for are: American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), Flag International, Save the Children, USAID, The World Bank, Afghanistan Reading and Social Association, CARE International-different projects, IRD/ LGCD project, AIB, MoE, MoF, ANDS, IEC, UNESCO, UNICEF, UN. Habitat (EDC), IRC, UNMACA, Altai Consultancy, ROSHAN, Saba Media Group, and many others.