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Translator's name:Malcolm Williams
Lanaguage pair:Arabic to English translator
Country of residence:United Kingdom
Activity:Acitive since 2012
Membership status:Basic member

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NAME: Malcolm Paston Williams
DATE OF BIRTH: March 16th, 1950
EDUCATION: Haileybury Junior School- Jan 1958 to Dec 1963.
Haileybury Senior School - Jan 1964 to Dec 1968.
Durham University (St John's College) Oct 1969 to June 1973.
American University, Cairo - Jan to May 1979. Leeds University - Oct 1981 to Sept 1985.
QUALIFICATIONS: 'A' Levels in Latin, French and Economics.
B.A. Hons (Class 2/1) in Modern Arabic Studies (Subsidiary studies in Russian and Biblical History) from Durham University.
Have successfully completed courses in Quranic Studies, Omayyad Poetry, and Modern Arabic Poetry at the American University, Cairo.
M.A. (Pass with distinction) in Linguistics & English Language Teaching from Leeds University on an Award from the Ministry of Overseas Development.
Ph.D. in Linguistics. The title of my thesis was: A Comparison of the Textual Structure of Arabic and English Written Texts.
While at Leeds University, I also completed a One-Year course in New Testament Greek and two years of study in Biblical Hebrew.
LANGUAGES: Fluent in English, Arabic, French.
EXPERIENCE: Taught in the Sunrise School for the Blind in Lahore, Pakistan, during the first part of 1969.
Warehouse work in Bradford, England, from August to December 1973.
Taught English to immigrants in Comprehensive School in Bradford from January to July 1974.
Taught English in the British Council in Jordan from September 1974 to May 1976 (from September 1974 to March 1975 I studied Jordanian colloquial Arabic at George Kelsey's school in the mornings).
Administered Quaker schools in Jordan during an inter-regnum from June to September 1976.
Worked as a research assistant with Dr Lewis Mukattash at Jordan University from October 1976 to October 1978