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Translator's name:Sandra Florido
Lanaguage pair:English to Spanish translator
Country of residence:Spain
Activity:Acitive since 2011
Membership status:Basic member

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Personal Details
31 Jewel Rd.
E17 4QU.
London. United Kingdom.
Telephone: 07757957921
Date of Birth: 2/9/1978


Oct. - December 2011 Private translations.
Walthamstow. London.
Legal Documents Translator
Achievements: This job implies translating from Spanish to English documents related to academic awards which, after being approved by the Spanish Council in the United Kingdom, have become official translations.

Sept. 2008- August 2011 Fundosa. Sertel.
Seville. Spain.
Customer Services. Department of English- Spanish Translation.
Achievements: Working in this field means that you assist a variety of customers at an international level providing different solutions for their requirements. These requirements are usually related to the medical field or healthcare.

Sept. 2007- June 2008 University of Seville.
Seville. Spain.
Dubbing and Subtitling
Achievements: Throughout the two years of master academic course I was required to develop works related to dubbing and subtitling of movies and documentaries from the Spanish language to English and from English to Spanish language. At the same time this work also entailed coping with different programs related to the cinematographic field. Moreover, I dealt with translating tools such as on-line dictionaries, encyclopaedias or glossaries.

Sept. 2005- June 2006 CEA Academy.
Seville. Spain.
English Language Teacher.
Achievements: This work entailed supervising the development of different children in English Language learning, general classroom assistance and working with children whose first language is not English (from 9 to 21 years old).

March 2002- June 2002 Recruit Education Services.
Hull. Uk.
MFL Teacher (Spanish and French).
Achievements: As a Supply Teacher, I was required to co-ordinate, prepare, teach and assess Spanish and French language lessons for students of a secondary School. For this kind of job it was essential that I am a native Spanish speaker but also that I had first-hand experience of teaching English and Spanish languages in both countries.


Sept. 2007