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Translator's name:Rodrigo
Lanaguage pair:Portuguese to English translator
Country of residence:Brazil
Activity:Acitive since 2011
Membership status:Basic member

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Hi guys, my name is Rodrigo Sparrenberger Santos and i'm twenty eight years old, born and living in Porto Alegre, the biggest city located in the very south of Brazil.
well, I think it won't be a problem if I say some stuffs about my life. I'm engaged in a very solid relationship with my wife Edna, 22 years old, and we have a son together called Davi, only 1 year old, healthy and cute, my big boy!!

I use to make translations when I have some time to spare, to help friends and teaching english to litle kids with they homework. Also, I speak english with a great fluence, just like my writing skills.

I am graduated on marketing, working in a financial sindicate Feel free to check our website.

If you think I could be helpful someway, it would be a pleasure to help you guys with anything related to translations, any kind/sort of documents that need to be traslated English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English. I translate everything as a hobby already, this will be fun!!

mother tongue: Portuguese
fluency on: English (write and speak)
fluency on: Spanish (speak)
good but not great: French and Italian (speak)
knowledge on languages always under construction!!! :D

my objectives in this profile is to make some extra cash to finish our family house, the kitchen and bedroom are still under construction, i need to buy a lot of cement to cover the bricks of the kithcen wall then paint,I know it's going to be a hard job but its my house, not mentioning the floor of the bathroom, you just can't go inside without shoes... very dirty aspect and kinda danger for my son if he step in with naked feet, he just hate the shoes that I gave to him, about 10 days ago.

That's it, I believe this profile will be a nice introduction of myself and specially my english skills, and please, keep in mind that my purpose here is to make this contact be the first steps of the ladder! I want to have a second floor in my house heheh, thanks for the oportunity!!!