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Translator's name:Gerard Michael Burns
Lanaguage pair:Spanish to English translator
Country of residence:Paraguay
Activity:Acitive since 2010
Membership status:Basic member

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I am a native speaker of English, raised and educated entirely in the United States, but have lived in South America for a total of 16 years and been a freelance medical translator for over ten years.

PRIMARY EXPERIENCE: Medical Journal Articles and Conference Presentations: Translations published in four peer-reviewed medical journals and study papers presented at dozens of international medical conferences.

OTHER EXPERIENCE: legal, agricultural, religious, and manufacturing (pharmaceutical and others)

Specific Medical Subjects: Long experience in ophthalmology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, and epidemiology, as well as significant experience with cardiology (invasive and non-invasive), neuroscience, pulmonology, gynecology, obstetrics, dentistry, dermatology, medical genetics, endocrinology, nutrition, and thoracic surgery.

Clinical Trial Documentation: All sorts of trial documentation including trial protocols, patient information, informed consent documents, and subject surveys as well as related administrative documents.

I have permission to cite as end users or direct clients of my work, the HVTN project of the US National Institutes of Health, the Organization of American States, and Vision 2020 (a joint project of WHO and the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness), along with the Paraguayan Pediatrics Society and the Institute of Tropical Medicine of Paraguay.

A medical translator must understand what is said before it can be reliably translated, and must consult expert writing on the subject in the target language to find terminology and the relationships between points written about. It is often necessary to quickly retrain oneself on specific topics that comes up. Dictionaries and glossaries have to be treated with a bit of suspicion. As Mark Twain warned, "Be careful with health books, you could die of a misprint".