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Translator's name:jason
Lanaguage pair:English to Chinese translator
Country of residence:China
Activity:Acitive since 2010
Membership status:Basic member

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Our Story
The translation company, W.E. Bridge, began as a small gathering of friends talking about the rise of China and its growing ties to the rest of the world. The problem, as we saw it, was the lack of accurate communication between foreign and domestic ideas in China. Translation services already exist in China, but most are not well executed. Our idea was to collect a team of people from many linguistic backgrounds and combine the finer points of many languages to promote better understanding. The "W" stands for West and the "E" East, and the bridge is the medium that connects the world.
What We Do
W.E. Bridge is a multi-national company that offers document translation services from a few sentences to several hundred pages, we offer a quality service along with a competitive price. We offer translations in the following languages: English and Chinese, English and Arabic, French and English, English and Spanish (commencing 2011), and French to Chinese with more languages to be added. For a price quote and time of project completion, please contact Jason.
Our Philosophy
The translation of documents involves more than expressing an idea from one language to another. Translation also involves the cultural background from where that message originates. W.E. Bridge connects the Eastern way of thought to that of the Western, and it is our goal to be not only be accurate in words, but in the thoughts behind those words.
Our Team
The team consists of the founder and general manager Jason who has a degree in English and several years experience managing several businesses. He is assisted by a group of well educated Chinese interpreters with superlative skills in both Chinese and English. For more specialty languages, partners include Francis who has been a successful teacher in France and is currently a French instructor in Jiangsu. Mike was born and educated in Egypt and can work with Arabic and English. Juan Cervantes works as a translator in the United States and will join our staff in 2011 to do English and Spanish translations.