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Translator's name:Kunio Yamazaki
Lanaguage pair:English to Japanese translator
Country of residence:Japan
Activity:Acitive since 2010
Membership status:Basic member

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I have worked in the software development company as an in-house translator/interpreter.

There, my main assignments are the translation of the documents such as program logic, user interface, RDD (requirement definition documents) and project progress report.

I have served foreign programmers and company staff as an interpreter in a company meeting and personal interaction.

Also, I had an opportunity in another company to exert my skill to communicate with computer engineers overseas by e-mail and international telephone about programming bugs and mechanical failures.

I translated the official English specification documents of Secure Digital memory card (SD card) and Compact Flash storage card (CompactFlash card) into Japanese.

Even though those documents are written by a certified technical writer, they contained some mistakes.

So I noticed the parties concerned to correct them, which resulted in the acceptance with gratitude.

Most formidable and challenging task was the logical solution of PHP programming code.

One of our most valuable customers harshly rebuked our programmers for laxness in their code. Our programmers, on their own, retorted that customers' claim is unlogical and unthinkable.

Unfortunately, a thorough and protracted debate went on and on. I intermediated between them and offered the suggestion that it might work through the quagmire by putting some workaround in the code.

It is an impromptu idea off the top of my head, but it worked fabulously and the black cloud vanished.

I served in UPS Japan (the affiliate of UPS in USA) .Although the system support was my main duty there, a subordinate job responsibility was English translation of various manuals ,software
install instructions, documents related to business operation and interoffice memorandums.

I have some business experience of supporting SAP R/3 which is one of the largest ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business packages. ABAP