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Translator's name:Ahmed
Lanaguage pair:English to Arabic translator
Country of residence:Egypt
Activity:Acitive since 2010
Membership status:Basic member

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Ahmed Maher Elshaer

Meetghamr, Aldakahliia 35614, Egypt
Home +20 50 684 0267‎
Mobile +20 173747590‎
Skype ID: ahmed.maher69‎ profile:‎

Freelance challenging jobs (or fulltime translation job subject to negotiation) as a ‎translator for reputable organizations where reliable and enthusiastic linguists ‎would be needed.‎
Relevant Experience
‎-I have handled during my 5 years of experience many projects in approximately ‎all subject fields. In the last 12 month I have translated more than 450.000 word ‎from English into Arabic.‎
‎-I work with more than 20 active client around the globe, and I offer my service 7 ‎days a week and 10 hours a day.‎
‏- ‏My daily output is 3500 word, and I can meet the tight deadlines

Some of my recent translation projects:‎
‎ ‎
‎- Many Cases (Family, Civil Status, administrative, Appeals), ‎
‎- Claims,‎
‎- Police Reports,‎
‎- Statements of witnesses,‎
‎- Many contracts (Selling, Purchase, lease),‎
‎- Many agreements (Agency, mandate), ‎
‎- Memorandums of Association,‎
‎- Last wills and Testaments,‎
‎- Intellectual Property rights and Anti-trust Laws,‎
‎- Tourism and Travel Agency regulations,‎

‎ Official Documents: ‎
‎- Many Marriage Contracts, ‎
‎- Powers of Attorney,‎
‎- Affidavits,‎
‎- Passports,‎
‎- Birth certificates,‎
‎- Death certificates,‎
‎- Death reports,‎
‎- Educational Certificates,‎
‎- Receipts, forms, Seals, Notifications‎
‎ ‎
‎- Many UN agreements and covenants,‎
‎- UN record keeping policies,‎
‎ ‎
‎- ORACLE Applications (very huge projects)‎
‎- SAP applications (very huge projects)‎
‎- HP printer's software‎
‎- HP Scanner's software‎
‎- Canon printer's software‎
‎- People soft application
‎- NDA_FCT Autumn 2008‎
‎ ‎

Human Rights:‎
‎- Large projects for Human Rights Watch
‎- Freedom house documents‎

‎- Canon printers documentations‎
‎- HP Printers documentations‎
‎- Cummins engines‎
‎- Oracle Discoverer Plus ‎
‎- Oracle Clickstream Intelligence Builder‎
‎ ‎
‎- HP manuals‎
‎- Canon manuals‎
‎- Geared hub Manuals (Motors)‎
‎ ‎
‎- Bournemouth University flyer,‎
‎- Startec brochure,‎
‎- Parkway Health Perfect brochure,‎
‎- Many Business cards
‎ ‎
Educational Courses:‎
‎- Unlimited potential courses
‎- University of Cambridge Examinations‎
‎ ‎
Medical: ‎
‎- Storez Tracheal Diseases documentations, ‎
‎- Medical Analysis for children cancer Hospital‎
‎- Participate in translating the Encyclopedia of human brain ‎
‎- Localizing huge medical program for organizing blood banks‎
‎- Translation of medical information for patients and physicians‎
‎- Translation of medical news and summaries of medical journals‎
‎- Scientific article translation
‎- Multimedia product translation such as health education and medical reference material‎
‎- Translation of drug description for multinational pharmaceutical companies‎
‎- Translation of clinical trial documentation, model patient information and informed ‎Consent (with protection of the private documents)‎
‎- Translation of educational software for high school in chemistry (160 objects), biology ‎‎(200 objects), physics (32 objects), math (10 objects) and geography (10 objects) (UAE)‎

Financial: ‎
‎- Agreements and glossaries for Islamic Banks, ‎
‎- Requests for supplying administrative and financial resources management systems.‎
‎- Many financial articles about decentralization, globalization and production‎
‎ ‎
‎ Automotives: ‎
‎-‎ Geared Hub TSP
‎-‎ I-MOD- Generator‎
‎-‎ I-MOD-Truck
‎ ‎
‎ - Islamic subjects‎
‎ - Participate in compiling Islamic dictionary ‎

Military: ‎
‎-‎ Military reports of advanced security systems
‎ ‎
Telecommunications: ‎
‎- Wireless devices‎
‎- Poly Driver UG‎
‎ ‎

CAT Tools trados studio2009 sp1, I am a professional user of Trados, I am also ‎experienced in creating terminology databases with MultiTerm application of ‎Trados, in addition to creating translation memories with WignAlign application.‎

MS Office Applications
IT, Communications, Technology & Electronics
Very familiar with all versions of Windows starting from 98 up to windows 7‎
SDL Passolo for Software Localization (Team edition 2009)‎
Adobe acrobat pro 9.0‎
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Indesign CS4 Middle Eastern

I am a certified English/Arabic Translator by Arab Translators Network ATN‎‏ ‏

I use the best CAT tools, and the latest DTP solutions to offer a full service to my ‎clients. The benefits of CAT tools including but not limited to:‎
‏ ‏‎1- You save money‎
You pay a vastly reduced rate for previously translated content‏.‏
‎2- You experience Faster turnaround times‎
The more content we translate, the larger the database becomes, the less we ‎have to translate on further documents, the quicker we can return future ‎translation projects‏.‏
‏ ‏‎3- Your Translations are more Consistent
By updating only new information, the style, tone and usage of phrases and ‎terminology within any document will remain consistent with previously translated ‎material
Additional Training
SDL TRADOS Educational Webinars.‎
Translation into Arabic and English of Commercial Leaflets & Books, Sales ‎Brochures, Legal Documents, Contracts, Certificates, Technical Manuals, ‎Computer Manuals, Training Guides, Handouts, Local Authority Literature and ‎Packaging Materials. Other general subjects are considered upon inspection of ‎text. A database of specific terms is kept for each particular company to ensure ‎consistency in all follow up translations.‎
Translating into English is my passion. I have handled projects in almost all ‎fields; ranging from politics to human rights, HR, economy, finance, science, ‎religion, law, commerce, contracts, tenders, movies, TV shows subtitling, and ‎online-related activities, and I have participated in localizing major IT vendor ‎products, e.g. Oracle, Intel, Great Plains, Siemens, Element K, Smart Streams ‎Financials, HP, Nokia, Apple, etc.‎

Academic Qualifications
B.A. ‎ ‎ ‎
Alazhar University, Cairo - English department - Faculty of languages and ‎translation
Second language: Germany

Certifications ‎
Serebra Learning Corporation