Freelance translator profile for Cara

Translator's name:Cara
Lanaguage pair:Mandarin to English translator
Country of residence:China
Activity:Acitive since 2010
Membership status:Basic member

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Experience Gained and General Character
• Well trained and experienced professional with five years of diversified business experience, in reputed companies. Special background in the Cashier and Customers Services area.
• 3 years translation and interpretation experience.
• Solid background and training in accounting technology, skilled in coordinating multi-functional operations.
• Well organized, hard working, hands-on professional. Efficient planner. Task and result oriented. Able to recognize the importance of bottom line results. Able to work well under pressure and keep deadlines.
• Well developed interpersonal and communication skills. Experienced in problem solving techniques.
• Strong entrepreneurial spirit
• Computer skills.
• Strong motivator of people, believe in individual effort and empowerment
• Accustomed to working independently but also a good team player.
• Able and prepared to make long term commitment.
• In terms of understanding English accents I have had the opportunity to act as an interpreter for Americans, Canadian, European, Australians and straight English persons and have learned fairly well to know the difference between them.
• I have spent many hours as an informal interpreter visiting foreign guests,
• Maintaining flexibility in dealing with customer-related problems and associated issues which arise in normal commercial life has been very much a core part of my duties in several organizations I have served in, in the last four years. I can work under pressure.
• Courtesy and remaining positive in all you do, when facing most challenges in life, both domestic and commercial, has been inbred into me since early childhood by my parents, and has served me well so far in my career.
• Being responsible and serious person by nature, when it comes to being trusted by others to carry out administrative and management duties without direct supervision, I complete these tasks most comprehensively and responsibly.