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Translator's name:Ine
Lanaguage pair:English to Dutch translator
Country of residence:France
Activity:Acitive since 2009
Membership status:Basic member

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I am a 32-year old freelance feature writer and translator with a very versatile, inquisitive and knowledge hungry personality. My interests are broad and my skills are multiple.
This reflects in my education (from Latin-Greek over Art School to Secretarial Management and languages). It reflects in the industries I worked for (from banking over consulting and medical industries to viticulture). It also shows in the variety of departments I worked for, namely: HR, R&D Finance, Marketing, Strategy en Operations, Communications and People management. I gathered knowledge and expertise as a Personal Assistant, Partner Assistant, and Secretary of the Board, as a Marketing Coordinator and as an Events & Exhibition coordinator.
The only constant in all these positions has been concise, to the point and attractive writing. Whether it were newsletters, meeting reports, company presentations, web content, invitation letters, or pre-convention texts, materials needed to be interesting, accurate, informative and easy to read
Recently I started out on a freelance basis, my portfolio is not that big, but I have written the texts for the following website: and have several articles published in a Dutch magazine. In English I have an article published at the Prozis Website: and some hubs on hubpages: (I have just written 5 articles and did not follow through since the plan to go freelance had not yet been fully established; I was fully employed at the time and concentrated in my free time on translation jobs, web content writing and the writing of hotel reviews - which is quite a challenge since you have 50 different hotels in the same location all needing a distinct introduction.