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Translator's name:Rebecca
Lanaguage pair:English to Chinese translator
Country of residence:Taiwan
Activity:Acitive since 2009
Membership status:Basic member

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I am a native Chinese lived in Taipei, Taiwan and hold a bachelor degree in Chinese and a MBA degree of the top 30 business schools in USA. I have worked in high tech industry for over fifteen years. Because of studying and other reasons, I have lived in USA and Canada for about four years.

I had started my high tech career as a translator and had stayed in high tech trade media for about seven years. The trade media had published computer and electronics magazines and their targeted readers were overseas, specifically Hong Kong, North America and Europe, 3C (computer, communication, consumer electronics) product related importers and wholesalers. During that period of time, my main duties included, but were not limited to, translating advanced and updated English IT industry news, new technologies, IT market trends, technology breakthroughs, and product innovations into Chinese, writing tradeshow reports, preparing English advertisement copies and captions for advertisers, and increase advertising sales.

My solid training in the high tech trade media had well prepared me to be an outstanding international sales and marketing personnel for 3C manufacturers and exporters. I had worked in the 3C manufacturing and wholesaling sites for over eight years. My titles might be varied but the main responsibilities have kept in the same range: creating English sales letters, communicating with foreign customers, reviewing legal documents (Chinese and/or English), preparing company and product information for media, printouts, company websites, and domestic and cross boarder internet shopping channels, such as PChome, Yahoo, and eBay, and in both Chinese and English. I had been in charge with more than two hundred items of 3C related products, such as notebooks, ICs, modems, digital cameras, webcams, memory cards, hard disk drives, wireless cards, mobile phone accessories, computer peripherals, computer accessories, and etc..

My frequent exposure to global markets and international customers has sharpened my vision of the global market. While at the business school, I have further strengthened my skills in computers, finance, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and electronic commerce. I am convinced that my professional background, coupled with the academic training I have received, would produce quality translations in the following fields:

High tech, finance, economy, international trading, business, management, banking, investment, and marketing.