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Translator's name:Edyta Kaminska
Lanaguage pair:English to Polish translator
Country of residence:United Kingdom
Activity:Acitive since 2009
Membership status:Basic member

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My name is Edyta and I am 28. I have a BA degree in English Language and Literature n the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The key strengths that I posses for success in that position are:
- 2-year experience as a primary school teacher
- freelance courtroom (English-Polish) interpreter experience 9nwport magistrates Court):
- good communication skills and great phone manners
- good knowledge of Microsoft packages
- organisational and leadership skills
- ability to stay calm in stressful situations
- flexibility in working hours or undertaking any tasks (ability to work evenings or weekends)
- willingness to participate in any trainings, to further myself

I am enthusiastic,friendly and cheerful, endowed with a good sense of humour and bubbly personality. I am reliable, hard working and always willing to do what I am required to. I am a detail-minded individual who views order and organisation as very important qualities in the working environment. I am open and likely to be quite convincing. I am creative and initiative at work. I am quite competitive and self-assured, enough to tackle most work associated problems independently. Self-discipline is important to me and I generally set myself high standards of conduct and work.

never argue with a customer, although I know very well they are not always right. What's more, I would never leave a customer in limbo,

I am a friendly and gregarious person who would settle into any social environment quite quickly. I am empathic and supportive of my work-mates in most situations and would always try to be patient with those that needed my assistance. However, I would also expect my colleagues to share certain standards of work and always to fulfil their commitments. I enjoy interpersonal contact and although I am used to solving problems on my own, I would seek guidance from my superiors and colleagues while faced with major or totally unfamiliar difficulties.