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Translator's name:giuseppe d'aurelio
Lanaguage pair:English to Italian translator
Country of residence:Italy
Activity:Acitive since 2009
Membership status:Basic member

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name: Giuseppe D'Aurelio
Place and date of birth: Termoli (CB); 08th June 1976
nationality: Italian
internet address:
telephon: +39 328 6140569

website for a multinational producer of suspended acoustic ceilings;
elarning website for an famous Swedish furnishing company widespread worldwide;
manuals for several machinery and tools, such as: table saws, cleaning machines, offset printing machines; a copy
sensor and a data logger; food packaging machines; screening machinery and sand separators; oil and energy
equipments; in line stichers for press machines;
instruction manuals of several electrical appliances (blenders, digital cameras, etc);
installation guide on engine bearings;
scientific publication on an observational study on a pharmaceutical dysfunction treatment performed in Canada;
scientific publication on desloratadina treatments for allergic rhynitis;
scientific publication on the attentional networks and a neuroimaging study describing the brain networks involved
Hygiene Manual on Food safety Product and HACCP;
localization of a database developed for an e-commerce website;
software descriptions, support services, fact sheets, forms and legal warranty;
software to manage emergency calls in elevators;
instruction guide on alarm systems;
reports for the European Community concerning environment and sustainable development;
warranty certificate for the European Union for agricultural products;
texts belonging to an international congress of enamellers;
annual report issued by a Swiss bank on the global economical situation;
fact sheets on economical products and of legal letters on several issues;
several texts on Argentine Exchange Notes for Argentine Companies;
employment contracts and several resumes;
PowerPoint presentation on human resources and on a software for compensation planning;
script for a Multilanguage telephone network, concerning recorded messages and instructions for customers;
corporate marketing text for a pharmaceutical company;
website on Scandinavian accommodations;
hotel and hostel description both for British and Swedish accommodations;
website of a Swedish hostel in Stockholm;
marketing research for specialised marketing companies on several consumer products;
marketing texts, catalogue description of toys, furniture, pet food and tourism;
marketing questionnaires, newsletters and website pages;
biography of Art Tatum, an American Jazz musician;
corporate texts concerning the companies Alitalia and The News Corporation;

manuals for several softwares on labelling;
PowerPoint presentation and website pages on a company producing lifts;
table saw owner