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Translator's name:Emadbadr
Lanaguage pair:Arabic to English translator
Country of residence:Egypt
Activity:Acitive since 2008
Membership status:Basic member

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Hi everyone, I am proud to say that I can handle all the responsibilties that will assigned to me and I am willing to aimed the needs of the company. To develop a most reliable that can make it possible and provide all the nescessary files,reports and etc.. And I promise to finished it on time.

Translation Services - Any Language, Any Subject
We provides translations of texts and documents in all languages. Our worldwide network of translators covers more than 100 countries and even more languages and dialects. Click here for a list of languages that we regularly work with.

Fields of Expertise
For each project, to ensure professional and accurate translations, we will carefully select a team of translators and editors who specialize in exactly that field of expertise. With our large pool of specialists we can cover fields such as:

Market Research

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)
We can work with a wide range of document formats such as Quark, InDesign and Illustrator. We integrate translation and DTP into a seamless process, saving you time and money while significantly reducing the risk of errors.
In addition to translating your texts, Orange Translations can work with a wide range of document formats (both Mac and PC). We handle documents in:

Photoshop ... and many more

Integrating Translation and DTP
We will take the source documents, for example an English language brochure in Quark that you would like to have translated into, say, French. We will then extract the text, translate it and put the translated text back into the Quark document. Our in-house DTP staff will make sure that everything is at the right place and hyphenations and paragraph breaks are correct. Also, since translated text often expands, we will make sure everything fits nicely into the layout.

***Peace of Mind,
You will receive a completely formatted foreign language version of your original document. This saves you endless hours of work and helps you avoid costly mistakes that can occur when you lay out text in a language that you do not know. Orange Translations ensures that DTP and translation are integrated seamlessly.

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