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Translator's name:VKulkarni
Lanaguage pair:Kannada to English translator
Country of residence:India
Activity:Acitive since 2022
Membership status:Basic member

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Namaste TranslatorsWork!

I have been referred by Julio Coello as a Freelancer for translation, I am a professional translator and I carry 10+ years of experience.
Please check my Resume attached with this email.

Linguistic abilities:
English: Read, Write and Speak
Kannada: Read, Write and Speak
Hindi: Read, Write and Speak

1. What is your native language?
Ans: Kannada and Hindi

2. What language pair(s) do you translate?
Kannada to English
Hindi to English
English to Kannada
Hindi to Kannada

3. Describe how you acquired your secondary language(s) and include how many years you have had fluency.
Ans:I am thorough in English, Kannada and Hindi. I have studied these languages in my school and college.
I speak these languages, I read and watch on social media, television on a daily basis from my 1st Grade to today, so it's 30+ years.

4. Where are you located?
Ans: Bagalkot District of Karnataka State, India

5. What is your desired rate per word?
Ans: I am quoting the industrial standard fees of $0.02 per word or $8 per page which contains about 400 to 450 words with single-line spacing and 12 point font. I usually do some 15 such pages per day or about 8000 words, depending upon the content to be translated.

_Best regards