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Translator's name:Agustina Cendán
Lanaguage pair:English to Spanish translator
Country of residence:Uruguay
Activity:Acitive since 2021
Membership status:Basic member

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Agustina is a self-driven freelance professional with over 20 years’ experience as a certified translator and interpreter. After having graduating as a Certified Translator from the School of Law, University of the Republic (UdelaR) in Uruguay, she continued perfecting her academic studies by attending several postgraduate courses, among which are a Postgraduate Course on Literary Translation, courses on interpretation techniques, film subtitling and French language, among others. She is particularly interested in the arts, whereby, apart from her translation studies, she attended university courses at the School of Industrial Design and the School of Fine Arts in Uruguay. In 1998 she founded the firm Sur Traducciones, where she works with a multi-lingual team of colleagues to provide translation and interpretation solutions in every language.

Her innate curiosity and passion for knowing the world and its cultures, as well her endeavours to find that common territory which transcends language barriers, have driven her to explore different areas of human knowledge and experience, endowing her over the years with a vast cultural background and social versatility.

She works with national and international clients specialised in different areas, with whom she has established long-term relations based on trust, sound ethics and a comprehensive understanding of each project’s requirements.

As to her personal interests, Agustina has a passion for nature and outdoor activities. She practises water sports and has been an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga professor since 2011.