Freelance translator profile for Ileana De Cristofaro

Translator's name:Ileana De Cristofaro
Lanaguage pair:Arabic to Italian translator
Country of residence:Italy
Activity:Acitive since 2021
Membership status:Basic member

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My native language is Italian and I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures in 2003. Although my specialization is in Arabic language and literature (and German as second language of my study plan), during last years the language I used most, together with Arabic, is English language. I am currently employed at the Cultural Office of an Arabic country Embassy in Rome and I’ve been translating as freelancer during last years. The languages I use most in my day life as well as in translation works are Arabic, English and German. I also have some experience in revision of texts in Italian language, my native (translations from Arabic; English; German; Spanish).

My favourite topics are: culture; literature; education and training; tourism and travel; general documents; legal but i faced translations also in other topics such as Architecture and industrial products.

I always try to provide clients with a faithful translation that doesn't betray the meaning of the source text. I carefully choose the words that would best conform to the grammar, syntax, idiom and context of the target language.

Summarizing, my translation language combinations are:

- Arabic to Italian;
- English to Italian;
- German to Italian;
- Spanish to Italian.

As freelancer, i collected experiences in translating in all the mentioned combinations.