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Translator's name:Fernando Couto
Lanaguage pair:Spanish to Portuguese translator
Country of residence:Portugal
Activity:Acitive since 2020
Membership status:Basic member

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I have been translating since 1976, and now I am working for more than 30 translation offices, mainly Spanish offices.

I am efficient and fast, dominating virtually all areas of expertise, thanks to my 40 years experience in translation.

Since 2004, I have been developing a computer assisted translation tool (Traduspeed-ES>PT), which is now based on AtCodSys (Atomic Coding System), a revolutionary and exclusive programming system, discovered in 2019, after a long period of intensive study, which innovation consists of a multi-complex coding structure that creates a platform prepared for ultra-comprehensive and very fast bulk operations, based on the technique, exclusive too, called GlobImpacTech (Global Impact Technology). No other existing CAT tool has ever dreamed of the existence of this system and technique, and this is the main reason why they are so limited.

Furthermore, this software is an excellent help for the following tasks:
Syntactic and grammatical correction;
Text clarity, expressiveness and fluidity;
Text style refinement and polishing;
Automatic detection and correction of spelling errors, inaccuracies and cacophonies sometimes found in the original texts;
Terminological homogeneity and textual consistency and coherence.

I would like to work for you, and my proposal is as follows:

Language combination: Spanish > Portuguese.
Capacity: more than 5,000 words / day