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Translator's name:RALUCA TEODORA LASCU
Lanaguage pair:English to Romanian translator
Country of residence:Romania
Activity:Acitive since 2019
Membership status:Basic member

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Freelance translator, proofreader
Technical field (Construction, Utilities, Equipment etc.): Reports, Manuals, User guides, Specifications of items, Manufacturing standards, Data sheets, Patents etc.

Legal: Agreements, Tender documents, Certificates, Court decisions, General and Particular Conditions of Agreements, Insurance policies, Statement of Defence, Counterclaim, disputes at the International court of Arbitration in Paris etc.

Life Sciences fields:
i.e. Cardiology, Oncology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Nephrology,
Obstetrics-Gynecology, Microbiology, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Immunology, Radiology,
Pharmacology, Physical therapy & rehabilitation, Medical devices:
 Pharmacology: Manufacturing/packaging protocols, Patent Cooperation Treaties, Validation forms/protocols, Change control forms, Laboratory investigations, Freezing cell therapies, Analysis protocols, Product information/leaflets, Instructions for use etc.
 Clinical trials, Approval forms of research studies, Informed Consent Form, Medical devices;
 Hospitalizations reports, Patient records, Emergency & Medical reports, Malignancy/Neoplasm reports, Catheterization/ Coronary ischemic/ Infarction/ Stent/ Thrombosis reports, Surgery reports, Coronary angiography reports, Angioplasty reports, Oncology Notes/Reports, etc.
 Research protocols, Surgery protocols, Stop treatment forms, Summary sheets, Clinical progress sheets, Discharge summaries, Examination results, Outpatient/Hospitalized patient consultations, Progress notes, Prescriptions, Event follow-up, Death certificates, Query Resolution Forms, Clinical event data transmittal form, Clinical events checklist, Serious/Non-Serious Adverse Event Forms, Case reports