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Translator's name:Jorge Toledo-Ocampo
Lanaguage pair:English to Spanish translator
Country of residence:United States of America
Activity:Acitive since 2017
Membership status:Basic member

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507 Emily Drive Lakeside, TX 76108

I take pride in my high quality of language understanding. I have been rigorously tested and trained to ensure a high aptitude that measures up and exceeds the standard set by the American Translation Association (ATA), the National Council of Interpreters in Healthcare (NCIHC) and other leading and respectable interpreter and translation associations. I am proficient in English / Spanish (speak, read and write) - familiar with medical and legal terminology. I am able to relate well to a diverse Spanish language culture and ethnic population both male/female and adult/children. I am comfortable with both Castilian Spanish and South American Spanish. My background has allowed me to quickly evaluate exact, specific and detailed translations and interpretations. I serve as a welcoming bridge in the gap between providers and their clients/patients/students, becoming the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Areas of Knowledge and Experience

Generate and translate Engineering Process Translate customer contracts and projects
Bi-lingual (Spanish and English) Translation and Interpretation Network(TIN)
Translated several booklets Director of Religious Ed. at bi-lingual parish
Prison ministry translations Translation of Medical records
and interpretation

Professionally certified through the Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN), Contacts include medical, legal and scholastic. TIN is a business of Catholic Charities designed to generate operation income, as well as to fulfill Catholic Charities