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Translator's name:Houdaka
Lanaguage pair:Arabic to English translator
Country of residence:Syrian Arab Republic
Activity:Acitive since 2014
Membership status:Basic member

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Dear MadamSir,

I do feel that I am the most suitable contractor you can ever have because I am a pro-life writer and I write very fast. One day, Salam world organization has a job of translation in Istanbul and they found nobody in their organization who can translate their site program in five days. I am very proud to tell you that I did the work in only two days and a half day. My experience of translation is above 15 years with the following three languages: Arabic, English, and French. And my simultaneous translation with legal, economic, political, artistic, and psychological fields have sprouted in the three last years. I am not only excellent at these languages but also I am a poet, writer, and translator in these three languages. The fact that I have lived in different countries and encountered several cultures enables me to be absolutely perfect in this field of work. I have a staunch personality and I have a patience to do my work devoutly without stopping. I like perfection in work and this is why I make sure to provide the picture of the original texts and speeches as they are. I do not only care about the professional tactics, but I also care about the comfort and glee of my customers. I am able to learn very fast many things, and My HERMANN degree ABCD. I think that all of these characteristics make me suitable to go on with the assignment you have called to perform. Take good care.

My picture with H.E minister of Holland Foreign Affairs while translating:
I can translate from Arabic to English and Vice versa. I am excellent at the two languages. Adding to the French Language and Turkish Language.