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Translator's name:Nicolas
Lanaguage pair:Chinese to English translator
Country of residence:China
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  My translation: English Officers come to ancient China
  At 1792 A.D. The British Government send a group of people to China. At that time, the British become the most powerful country instead of Holand. They want to open the door of China and get the treasure of it.
  The King Qian2Long2 heard the news that English messenger will come, He was so happy for it. Because August 13th in the next year is his birthday of 83 years old, he wanted to host a ceremony in a royal park in cheng2de2. At that day, some messengers from small countries which is surrounded china will come and kneel down with two legs to celebrate his birthday. The King Qian2long2 wish the English messenger will come to the ceremony too, and also keel down for two legs as other small countries. So this ceremony will wrote in history book. The Officer He2shen1 is the one who in charge of welcome English messenger group. When the English Messenger Group were just arrived, He2shen1 told them that they have to Kneel down with two legs to attend this ceremony. One of these messenger Magaerni was in anger to heard this news and refuse to kneel down with two legs. He said: we are different compare to the small country around China. I don