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Translator's name:yangchenglong
Lanaguage pair:English to Chinese translator
Country of residence:China
Activity:Acitive since 2014
Membership status:Basic member

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Name: yangchenglong Gender: Male

  Education: College Height: 175 CM

  Address: jiangsu Date of birth: 1988-03-26

  Skills expertise: catti 3,Information engineering college degree

  Career errorobjective

  Seeking Job: English-Chinese translator (part-time)

  Job Location: home

  Salary: 60¥/1000 letters (chinese)

  Work Experience: Instant

  Self-evaluation: they are sincere, cheerful, can stand in the position of others to

consider the issue; tough character, able to quickly adapt to the new environment, and can

be hard; coordination ability, can be very good interpersonal skills; treat serious and

responsible work, excellence ; work, efficiency, done today complete, comprehensive and

consider the issue

  Direction of development: boss

  Education Training

  Beginning and ending time academic majors Institution Name

  2006.09 ~ 2009.06 Xuzhou Institute of Technology, Information Engineering

  Work Experience

  Inauguration Company: Jiangsu Kunshan honghai Group Co., Ltd. engineering design of Intelligent building

  Inauguration Date: June 2009 to January 2010 inauguration Department: Engineering Department