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Translator's name:Manzar Nadjmabadi
Lanaguage pair:English to Farsi translator
Country of residence:United States of America
Activity:Acitive since 2013
Membership status:Basic member

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Manzar Nadjmabadi
U.S. citizen, Native Persian/Farsi and Dari speaker

June 2011 Granted SECRET Clearance with SSBI by Department of Defense.
July 2011 Granted Counterintelligence Polygraph by INSCOM

Tel: 202-420-8443

Extensive 20 years experience as a simultaneous and consecutive Persian/Farsi, Dari and English linguist. Aim to continue in this field to enhance existing experience and expertise.

 Deployed in Guantanamo Bay Cuba as a Category II Linguist.
 Perform research of unclassified, classified databases for use in written products
 Monitor and analyze media sources in target language
 Conduct quality control of transcripts and translations of other linguists working with the US Army

 Provided translation services for Department of Justice
 Reviewed and proofread translated documents
 Transcribed Farsi/Persian Audio documents directly to English
 Worked as a Role Player and invent a realistic persona for the role based on personal knowledge and experience of village life, language and culture.

 Provide medical interpretation and act as conduits between patient and medical professionals in hospitals, physician's offices, clinics, rehabilitation facilities and mental health clinics.

 MS Word, Translator Memory(TM Software), type 40 wpm.

 Advanced High Certification for the Business Writing Test for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. (Result -Advanced High)