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Translator's name:goretti athayde
Lanaguage pair:Italian to English translator
Country of residence:Italy
Activity:Acitive since 2013
Membership status:Basic member

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Freelance Translator / Interpreter 2002 to present.
Translation of legal documents, i.e. birth certificates, college transcripts,
Translation of financial documents, i.e. subscription, transfer and exchange requests, financial reports,
Translation of miscellaneous documents, i.e. poetry, short stories, newspaper articles.
Translation of confidential documents,
Translation of legal documents, news paper articles,
Travel Expenses,
Using language skills organization of international meetings,
Editing letters,
Preparing, maintaining and distributing departmental reports,
Production of documents, briefing papers, reports and presentations,
Translated medical materials, technical and scientific texts, user/automotive manuals, web pages, software localization, medical device software, press releases, patents, subtitles and tourist guides,
Rendered correct concepts/meanings between source and target languages following clarity, tone, complexity and style from one language into another,
Provided strict renditions of the messages including every detail of the conversation,
Employed instruction follows and managed the conversation/call flow,
Understand the terminologies in the following industries: Medical, Finance, High-tech, Insurance, Court and Law,
Interpreted during the committees and international meetings held within the Brazilian/American projects, provided simultaneous translation of oral and written information from English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English, as needed.