Freelance translator profile for Najat Alkfri

Translator's name:Najat Alkfri
Lanaguage pair:Arabic to Italian translator
Country of residence:Italy
Activity:Acitive since 2012
Membership status:Basic member

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Name Najat alkfri

Gender Femal

Marital Status Married

Nationality Syrian

Date & place of birth 1974- Damascus


Telephon (s) Mobile: +39-3342719513

Adress ST. promessi spossi 23. Lecco 23900 (LC) Italy

Education &training
1-Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature
Damascus Uni. Syria 1994

2-Academy courses in Italian language
Damascus Uni. Syria 2006

3-Advanced courses & integrate of French language

4-Advanced courses & integrate of English language

5-Academy courses in ancient languages of Aramaic & Hebrew
Damascus University, Syria 2009

Personal skills & competences
1- Advanced professional courses in Business Office - Qatar

2-Advanced professional courses in Computer Software - Qatar

Mother tongue(s) 1-Arabic Language.
Other language(s) 2-English 3-Italian 4- French

Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening & Reading Spoken interaction
1 Excellent 1 Excellent 1 Excellent
2 Excellent 2 Excellent 2 Excellent
3 Excellent 3 Excellent 3 Excellent
4 Very good 4 Very good 4 Very good