Freelance translator profile for Guilherme Pavarini

Translator's name:Guilherme Pavarini
Lanaguage pair:English to Portuguese translator
Country of residence:Brazil
Activity:Acitive since 2012
Membership status:Basic member

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Translation and Localization Professional with more than 11 years on the market. If you need good communication, quality, confidentiality and meet your deadlines, choose our company for Latin America Market.

We only work with native experts! Areas: Mechanical, Engineering, Technical, TI and Medicine.

Quality Process
All projects are translated, reviewed and submitted to a QA process. Feedback reports are sent to everybody involved in our projects.
For the translation and editing process we have two checklists that our team must deliver with the translated/edited files.
Our QA must check both checklists and compare the information, generate an Xbench report and check at least 10% of the document. Depending on the quality or if there are any discrepancies between the checklists, the file is then sent back to the translator/editor with the Lisa form.

Our team
Our staff is composed of highly qualified native translators/editors. Most of them are graduated professional translators with many years of experience. The translators that make up of our team are specialists in specific clients, so they are updated and well-informed about their clients' products and new releases. They are used to working together amongst them and with our in-house specialists, connected via MSN/Skype and by email in order to share their queries and discoveries about terms and other linguistic issues.
They are frequently trained on new tools, techniques and innovative procedures.
This way of working together as a real team is excellent for the total integration of the staff with one common goal in mind: Full satisfaction of our client.