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Translator's name:Elen J.
Lanaguage pair:English to Italian translator
Country of residence:Canada
Activity:Acitive since 2012
Membership status:Basic member

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I am seeking a professional employment as translator/ interpreteur/proofreader /voice over on various contract / project or freelance basis

I am a Canadian from Toronto, however, at the current time I live in Rome , Italy for personal business matters.

I consider myself a very highly educated and experienced , an academic and scientific Researcher, Teacher, Translator , Proofreader. I graduated with an MA in English/German, Linguistics and Philology . I completed successfully PhD Library and Information Science / important courses at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I came from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of experience for general and business purposes.

I have demonstrated excellent attention to detail , within translation, proofreading services, knowledge of legal, business, medical , construction field and of institutions in both the source and target countries language * English to Italian, Italian to English, German to English .

I am interested and concerned to join and pay a membership as soon as I receive a job offer as translator / proofreader or interpreteur on different contract, project , or freelance basis .

I look forward to hearing from you about the status of this application , soon

EJ., DE Monelli Foerster
VIA Toscana 42 Interno 1
Rome 00187
e/mail < ejdemfoerster/at/
cell/ 39/3318587108