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Translator's name:HELEN BARLOW
Lanaguage pair:Spanish to English translator
Country of residence:United Kingdom
Activity:Acitive since 2011
Membership status:Basic member

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A freelance translator working with French and Spanish into English, I have recently completed my Masters degree in Technical and Specialised Translation at the University of Westminster. I have been translating intermittently since graduation from my BA in 2000, with some time also spent teaching modern foreign languages and English in various countries.

During my course at Westminster there was a major focus on the translation of highly technical documentation in the fields of telecommunications, the environment, medicine and law among others. Throughout my freelancing career, I have translated instruction manuals, business documents, legal contracts, CVs, travel websites and more recently I have been working for a human rights organisation translating speeches and letters. Following graduation in 2000 from my BA, I worked for an advertising research company translating adverts, marketing documentation and websites for three years. When I lived in Peru, I translated a travel guide about Lima and various menus and travel documents.

I also studied Romanian as a subsidiary language in my MA course and have been doing some paid work in that area recently (certificates). I am currently freelancing full-time from Brazil where I am learning Portuguese; I intend to be able to offer Portuguese in the coming months as I am advancing quickly with the language.