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Translator's name:valeria
Lanaguage pair:English to Italian translator
Country of residence:Italy
Activity:Acitive since 2011
Membership status:Basic member

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I would be happy and honored to be able to cooperate with you as freelancer in written translations and interpreting for business
Types of work that usually they are:

-User manual
-Correspondence Business-
- web sites
-AGREEMENTS, contracts, proposals and Orders-
-legal texts
-and many others.
Advertising, Agriculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Astronomy, Banking and Financial, Bible and Biblical Studies, Ceramics Arts and Ceramics, Culinary Arts, Design and Applied Arts, Desktop Publishing (DTP), Economics, Ethnic and Cultural Studies, Film and Cinema Studies, Finance, Food Sciences, Genealogy/Family History Research, Geography, Geology, Humanities and Humanistic Studies, Internet, Journalism and Mass Communication, Law and Legal, Linguistics, Literature, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Music History and Literature, Philosophy, Photography, Psychology, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Religion, Religion and Religious Studies, Sociology, Textile Sciences and Engineering, Theatre, Tourism and Travel, Women Studies

Hoping you will find my data interesting to cooperate , I have a paypal account .
Thank you for the attention and good day

Valeria Spagna